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November 26, 2000

An open letter from the Dark Tower

An open letter from the Dark Tower

Here me, Britannians and Sosarians alike. The Dark Tower’s library has been destroyed and most of its tomes stolen from our grasps over the years of decay and silence that had befallen it. It is imperative that the sacred library is restored. The Dark Tower shall pay handsomely to all that recover and return our lost tomes. Gorthaur, the former master priest of darkness, just recently began his intent to begin his contributions to the recovery of our once sacred hall; however, our collection is still not complete. After the Great War and the fall of our great Master, it was recorded the day the library was raided and destroyed by those who opposed us. Seek ye out these tomes, and you shall find yourself in wealth and favor.

Furthermore, in order to further protect the Dark Tower’s future endeavors, a new sect has been formed to prevent such happenings from ever transpiring again. Knight of Swords, former acolyte of Gorthaur and paladin of Blackwolf, has established the Shadowguard, the Dark Tower’s personal guard force composed of the only the finest and most feared paladins of the land. The Shadowguard shall ensure the survival and well being of all who reside within our tower halls, as well as its properties, and future interests. The Shadowguard is seeking fine young warriors to enlist within its honored ranks. If ye be interested in becoming a shadow guard of the tower, seek out Knight of Swords, or send message to shaneblix@mindspring.com for further information. Only those of great prowess seeking the wisdom of the Dark Tower’s spiritual enlightenment may be accepted into this newly established personal guard force. As their first task, the Shadowguard, as well as all who still dwell within the Tower shall uncover the mystery shrouding the mysterious death of our former Master, Na-Krul. ‘Twas known that night that our master attempted a great ritual, casting forth all his magical power into the blackrock he did posses. Seek out Knight of Swords, for he bore witness to this event and can further enlighten you. To those who choose to assist us in our great plight, returning our sacred tomes, and assisting in the discovery of our master’s death, a reward shall be granted of 10,000 gold, and the promise of audience with our renown Master himself…

Therefor, a meeting shall be called. All who wish to assist the Tower, or wish to hear further what will transpire, meet at the Dark Tower this Wednesday at 7 PM pacific. There, all shall be revealed to you.

Arwyn Blackheart,
Loremaster of the Dark Tower

Posted by Nobody at November 26, 2000 2:44 AM

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