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November 30, 2000

The Tomes of the Dark Tower

Earlier this eve, the tower held a meeting to all its members. A meeting in which they would decide the very fate of much of the tower. Sauron had been put in charge of the meeting and told us of something of much importance. He told of a voice that had contacted him in his dreams. This voice spoke of the ancient tomes that our master had left behind when he died. It told of how the tomes had been scattered across the land upon his death, and how the master could be revived using these tomes. When the master awakens he will then open a gate to another realm. But there is a catch, the spell to resurrect the master also requires a man. It did not tell of who he is, however some suspect it to be the wizard which was the leader of the Yew resistance so long ago, but it is not known for sure. The tower was amazed at this news. Their master could return to lead them into a new age. But what of the tomes? Although the location of each one is not known for sure, there is a vague notion of where to look. After the meeting was ended the tower set out on a short journey to look for the tomes, searching from Dawn to the Mage tower they turned up nothing. No sign of the tomes anywhere, but they had forgotten that a member of Dawn, Death Seer, had found one of the tomes. Returning to the tower they were amazed to find Death Seer and his companion Knights of Dawn in front of the tower. They told Death Seer that they were in need of the tomes, but he refused to give it to them. They argued and fought until the Knights of Dawn got tired and left. But the people of the Dark Tower will not give up so easily. You cannot deny us the resurrection of our master. Na-Krul will live again! And we will have our tomes. Whether it means war or perhaps a bargain, Dawn will soon see that the Dark Tower doesn't take no as an answer.

Posted by Brenstar at 12:44 AM

November 29, 2000

OSI: In Concept Changes

The following was just posted to FYI on the UO.com website:

In Concept Changes

In Concept was introduced approximately a year ago as an area where players could offer suggestions and feedback on design ideas during their early stages. The player suggestions generated by this section of the UO.com website have been immensely valuable in shaping these design ideas before they have been implemented in Ultima Online.

In addition to In Concept, the UO.com Message Boards have provided an area for players to discuss and debate design issues, and have taken feedback a step further than In Concept. On the message boards, debate and discourse refine your suggestions and ideas and create something that is less aquestion/response situation and more of a common goal created by a community.

Because of this, we have closed the In Concept email address and have opened a section of our message boards dedicated to ideas that are currently appearing in In Concept. Each In Concept system will have its own thread where players and developers can share ideas in an open forum for all to see, rather than through e-mail.

To visit In Concept, click here.

Posted by Keith at 6:50 PM

Auditions Announcement!

I read the following post from Kita Talith on the Golden Brew message board:

Auditions Announcement!

The Golden Brew Players

The Golden Brew Players
announce auditions for the winter production of. . .
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
Sunday, December 3, 2000.
One O'Clock, PST.
Golden Globe Theatre, Golden, Baja, Trammel.
You do not need to prepare any readings in advance of the auditions.
Instructions in line delivery, and selected readings will be provided by the Director.

Contact Kita Talith, our Director, for more details.
We're looking forward to seeing you at the audition!

Content � 2000 Kita Talith
Golden Brew Players logo courtesy of Thorin Ironbeard
Ultima Online is a registered trademark of Origin Systems, Inc

Posted by Keith at 11:29 AM

Faction Proposal

I read the following post from Tiberious on the Savage Truth message board:

Faction Proposal

Greetings ST and friends.

Savage Truth is considering the sponsorship of an allied Faction stone to rekindle our defense of Felucca as well as our relations with our longtime friends in Sosaria.

That said, I invite comment and participation in a renewed idea of old: The Sosarian Alliance.

That's right, SA stands a good chance of returning. I invite ST members, Dawn Members, TTW Members, UFG Members, GEA Members, RoR alumni, and other friends of honor to openly discuss this idea below. Let's give this idea form and put it into motion.

And opposition to this idea is welcome as well, as we need to know each other's opinions if we are to function as a unit.

Success with honor!


Posted by Brenstar at 12:45 AM

November 28, 2000

Here Ye... Here Ye... An Official Announcement [from Avalon]

The following announcement was posted by Blind Hawk "the Wordman" to the Avalon Public Forum:

Here Ye... Here Ye... An Official Announcement

We Interrupt your Regularly Scheduled Program for a Special Announcement. At 6:00 O'Clock P.M (PDT) at the Events tower of Avalon [in Felucca -Ed.] will be held a Special Induction Ceremony. One of Our Most Hailed and Beloved Citizens Blade (The Sword of Avalon) Previously... :)> Will be Inducted into the Hall Honor as the New Prime Minister of Avalon.

Come one Come all...

Share the Joy and Bring your Best Wishes to Our New Prime Minister. He has Worked Hard for Our Fair City and We Know He will serve well.

So Bring you Friends, Your Dragons, Your Pets and your Best Sword and Shield, Harp, Poison Katana, and Remember...

This is a Special Ceremony! Any Injustice will be dealt with Swiftly and Drastic Measures will be taken to Anyone Found to Be Killing, PKing, Looting, or Peeing in the Pool

We Now return you to your Regularly Scheduled Programming.

Hope to See ya there...

BH the PR Dude...

BlindHawk (Son of Avalon CoA)

Posted by Keith at 6:08 PM

Here Ye... Here Ye... An Official Announcement

The following announcement was posted by Blind Hawk "the Wordman" to the Avalon Public Forum:

Here Ye... Here Ye... An Official Announcement
We Interrupt your Regularly Scheduled Program for a Special Announcement. At 6:00 O'Clock P.M (PDT) at the Events tower of Avalon will be held a Special Induction Ceremony. One of Our Most Hailed and Beloved Citizens Blade (The Sword of Avalon) Previously... :)> Will be Inducted into the Hall Honor as the New Prime Minister of Avalon.
Come one Come all...
Share the Joy and Bring your Best Wishes to Our New Prime Minister. He has Worked Hard for Our Fair City and We Know He will serve well.
So Bring you Friends, Your Dragons, Your Pets and your Best Sword and Shield, Harp, Poison Katana, and Remember...
This is a Special Ceremony! Any Injustice will be dealt with Swiftly and Drastic Measures will be taken to Anyone Found to Be Killing, PKing, Looting, or Peeing in the Pool
We Now return you to your Regularly Scheduled Programming.
Hope to See ya there...
BH the PR Dude...
BlindHawk (Son of Avalon CoA)

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

OSI: Chesapeake Factions and Publish Update

The following was just posted to FYI on the UO.com website:

Chesapeake Factions and Publish Update

In light of an issue with the faction system publish, we have decided to delay the release of the faction system on the Chesapeake shard. The stablemaster and monster changes listed in Testing for Next Update will be published to the shard and will be active following the Chesapeake shard's Tuesday, November 28th maintenance period. The factions system, however, will remain inactive on Chesapeake until further notice.

Additionally, we will be publishing the monster and stablemaster changes listed in Testing for Next Update to all shards to be active following their Wednesday, November 29th maintenance period (local server time). As the Siege Perilous and Sonoma shards will be updated with the monster changes to be active following their next maintenance period.

We will release a revised schedule for the activation of the Faction System on Chesapeake as soon as one is determined.

Posted by Keith at 1:04 AM

November 27, 2000

OSI: Item 'Smashing' and Monster Movement

The following was just posted to Testing for Next Update" on the UO.com website:

Item 'Smashing' and Monster Movement

Monsters may no longer be 'trapped' by barricading them behind various objects in the game world. They will now attempt to maneuver around the objects and in some cases may smash the objects barring their movement.

Items that are locked down, secure, or strongboxes may not be smashed. Containers, if smashed, will spill their contents onto the ground.

Posted by Keith at 5:46 PM

OSI: Chesapeake Faction System Publish

The following was just posted to FYI on the UO.com website:

Chesapeake Faction System Publish

We will be activating the Faction System publish and stablemaster changes, as listed in Testing for Next Update, on the Chesapeake shard on Tuesday, November 28th. The publish will be active on the Chesapeake shard following its regularly scheduled maintenance period that morning.

We will monitor the Chesapeake shard for any issues that may arise, and will continue to publish to all remaining shards as soon as possible. The changes will be added to Latest Game Updates once the publish is active on all shards.

Posted by Keith at 5:45 PM

November 26, 2000

Website for UO Seattle Event

I read the following post from Joshua Rowan on the Ultima Online egroups mailing list:

Website for UO Seattle Event

Howdy All! Just wanted to let you know that thanks to Hanneth we have a terrific website set up talking about the UO Seattle Event from last month. It includes some great photos as well as a RealPlayer recording of the Q&A with Melantus and a RealPlayer Interview with Melantus.


URL: http://www.hanneth.com/UO/UOL/UOL_2000.html

Joshua Rowan

Posted by Keith at 4:08 PM

An open letter from the Dark Tower

An open letter from the Dark Tower

Here me, Britannians and Sosarians alike. The Dark Tower�s library has been destroyed and most of its tomes stolen from our grasps over the years of decay and silence that had befallen it. It is imperative that the sacred library is restored. The Dark Tower shall pay handsomely to all that recover and return our lost tomes. Gorthaur, the former master priest of darkness, just recently began his intent to begin his contributions to the recovery of our once sacred hall; however, our collection is still not complete. After the Great War and the fall of our great Master, it was recorded the day the library was raided and destroyed by those who opposed us. Seek ye out these tomes, and you shall find yourself in wealth and favor.

Furthermore, in order to further protect the Dark Tower�s future endeavors, a new sect has been formed to prevent such happenings from ever transpiring again. Knight of Swords, former acolyte of Gorthaur and paladin of Blackwolf, has established the Shadowguard, the Dark Tower�s personal guard force composed of the only the finest and most feared paladins of the land. The Shadowguard shall ensure the survival and well being of all who reside within our tower halls, as well as its properties, and future interests. The Shadowguard is seeking fine young warriors to enlist within its honored ranks. If ye be interested in becoming a shadow guard of the tower, seek out Knight of Swords, or send message to shaneblix@mindspring.com for further information. Only those of great prowess seeking the wisdom of the Dark Tower�s spiritual enlightenment may be accepted into this newly established personal guard force. As their first task, the Shadowguard, as well as all who still dwell within the Tower shall uncover the mystery shrouding the mysterious death of our former Master, Na-Krul. �Twas known that night that our master attempted a great ritual, casting forth all his magical power into the blackrock he did posses. Seek out Knight of Swords, for he bore witness to this event and can further enlighten you. To those who choose to assist us in our great plight, returning our sacred tomes, and assisting in the discovery of our master�s death, a reward shall be granted of 10,000 gold, and the promise of audience with our renown Master himself�

Therefor, a meeting shall be called. All who wish to assist the Tower, or wish to hear further what will transpire, meet at the Dark Tower this Wednesday at 7 PM pacific. There, all shall be revealed to you.

Arwyn Blackheart,
Loremaster of the Dark Tower

Posted by Keith at 2:44 AM

November 25, 2000

Baja's Avalon undergoes some wonderful changes

Avalon, a player-city located west of the Dungeon Wrong in Felucca on Ultima Online�s Baja Shard, is proud to announce several important changes:

Directions to Avalon can be found at the new web site, here.

Websmith of Avalon

Posted by Keith at 3:11 PM

ImaNewbie Toon Contest Voting Begins!

I read the following announcement at the Imanewbie web site:

ImaNewbie Toon Contest Voting Begins!

This week ImaNewbie needs your help in selecting two winners from the 'toon contest finalists. For the last two weeks I have been receiving entries. ImaNewbie together with a select panel has narrowed all the entries down into the finalists which are all here for you to have a look at and then vote your favorite. There are a couple of cool ImaNewbie T-Shirts up for grabs for the winners so head over, check out the comics and help your favorite win by registering your vote. You can get to the Contest section by clicking the logo below. Thanks!

Posted by Keith at 1:05 PM

Baja's Avalon undergoes some wonderful changes

Avalon, a player-city located west of the Dungeon Wrong in Felucca on Ultima Online’s Baja Shard, is proud to announce several important changes:

Directions to Avalon can be found at the new web site, here.

Websmith of Avalon

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

November 24, 2000

Log of UOCC Chat with Tyrant posted

I read the following announcement on the UO House of Commons site:

Log of UOCC Chat with Tyrant posted

The complete log of the Twenty-first UO Celebrity chat with Tyrant has been posted, and is available from the right-hand menu.
Gordon Walton, a.k.a. "Tyrant", is Vice President of Online Services for OSI. Some general questions were asked about the future of UO, including some snippets about Factions and the new UO:3D client. Here's his quick summary of the upcoming goals of his team:
OSI_Tyrant - I'd like to close by talking about what we are up to in the near future.
OSI_Tyrant - We are getting Factions out to all servers, then Rewards.
OSI_Tyrant - Then the work to integrate UO:Third Dawn into the production servers.
OSI_Tyrant - Since you will be beta testing on your home shards (those of you that get the beta client).
OSI_Tyrant - We have all the feedback from the UO Faire to digest, decide on and prioritize.
OSI_Tyrant - While we continue to work on fixing a lot of the problems that the game has always had.
OSI_Tyrant - Along with the balancing of risk/reward and PvP you often ask for.
OSI_Tyrant - And the fixing of the economy and improvements to crafting.
Here's a quick snippet about the UO:3D beta test:
Soth - *C_JonSnow_Pac* How will we go about getting beta clients?
OSI_Tyrant - We will announce this in December. Watch your favorite web page (Stratics) and your email box
OSI_Tyrant - as we will be announcing this far and wide and emailing the players also.
OSI_Tyrant - You will be able to order it on the web for shipping and handling costs only ($4.95 in the USA).
OSI_Tyrant - And it will be patchable to the final version, so you don't need to get the final version.
OSI_Tyrant - So that is it, thanks folks.

Posted by Keith at 3:33 PM

Hear Ye Hear Ye: O.P.U.S. BLACKSMITHS Grand Tournament of Warriors

I read the following public announcement from Durrel on the UOSS news site:

Hear Ye Hear Ye


Proudly sponsor a Grand Tournament of Warriors

On December 9, 2000, 5:00 PST test your Warrior skills with the best in the Land at the Jehlom Pit in Felucca

Events to include Swordsmanship, Jousting, & Archery

Grand Prize - Valorite suit of armor
Full plate for Swords & Jousting, Heavy Archer for Archery

Second Prize - Gold suit of armor

Third Prize - Shadow suit of armor

Bring your skills, equipment and courage to face the best in the land to the Jhelom First Defense Blacksmith shop in Trammel. Free gates will be provided to Fel.

Entry Fee - waived to all combatants using or wearing equipment made by an O.P.U.S. Blacksmith. All other entrants a small 500gp entry fee is all it takes to see if you are the toughest warrior in Baja. This is a one on one competition - each winner advancing to the next round. Only one heal allowed per round. No magic allowed. Events will be run simultaneously. Jousting on one side of the Pit, Archery & Swords on the other.

Thank you and hope to see you there, Durrel of OPUS.

Posted by Keith at 3:15 PM

November 23, 2000

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at the Freeborn Press, to all of you, your friends, and your families (even if, for whatever reason, you don't celebrate Thanksgiving). Remember: eat wisely! Don't eat so much that you fall asleep or can't stand up to walk over to your computer when you should be playing Ultima Online! :]

One thing that we'll give thanks for is all of you, helping us achieve the level of success we're at today. Thank you all.

Posted by Keith at 10:55 AM

The End of an Era

The End of an Era

...and with him, died an era. The Dark Tower was abandoned, left to only the vermin and apparitions that feasted upon the emptiness that remained. The death of the Master had left the Tower in utter chaos. Factions split and once again brethren turned against brethren in a bloody rage and struggle for power. The very structure and unification set forth by the malevolent father, the dreaded lord Xander, was ripped apart as the disunity of the Cabal shook the very foundation of its vast and eternal history. No longer did the Cabal posses the wisdom and guidance left to them by the seemingly ancient priest of darkness, the very man that had once been the very breath of life into the lifeless decaying corpse of evil within Sosaria. Xander was the last link to the �Age of Darkness� and all its wisdom, and Na-Krul was his last disciple. The Age of Darkness, a time eons ago when the darkness was so thick no ray of light dared to penetrate its thick and deceitful aura, a time when the great lords of apocalypse sprang forth all Armageddon upon the weak and exasperated. The time when even Beast British shrank in fear to the name of the greatly powerful ancient wizard Mondain, and his legions of daemons. It was then the Dark Tower emerged, spewing forth from the womb of Sosaria into the ravages of time, consumed by the future�

When One Hand sunders
The Dark will slumber
When Eight stones stand high
The Dark will rise
Xander was the very herald of time, the awakener of our people, and the source from which our roots stemmed. With the death of Na-Krul, our link to our history, our birthright, was lost and shattered. And so it was said, when one hand sunders, the Dark shall slumber, and we did. The Cabal scattered, falling into a councious slumber, escaping the cruel fate that had begotten them. What was left of Na-Krul�s followers soon followed. The Tower had become abandoned, empty, and hollow of thought. Cursed by a spell of slumber begotten to them by the very treachery of an age old ally. But now our ancient beckoner has once again awakened us, and the dark shall rise again. Our ancient glory shall be revived and all shall taste the blood lust of our enlightenment. I give a calling to my brethren, my fellow brother and sister who fought by my side in the great war and felt the festering wound of betrayal. My brother and sister who also in the past had become students of darkness and disciples of Na-Krul in an era of blasphemy and revelation. My brother and sister who wish to reclaim their birthright from the foul phantom of death. We must drop our swords, and reclaim our history. I, Arwyn Blackheart, have grown too old. I have rested my sword and shield upon the shrine in a quest of knowledge and understanding to the recovery of our past. Already, the Zargonians have seen the light in our darkness, and join the brotherhood of evil splendor. I call to the citizens of this world, join us in our quest�

I beseech you.

Arwyn Blackheart,
Loremaster of the Tower

Posted by Keith at 12:35 AM

November 22, 2000

Merger News! [Zargonians merge with Dark Tower]

The following notice was posted by Stealth Evermore on the Freeborn Press message board:

Merger News!

Its official!
The Zargonians have merged with the remnant of the Dark Tower! The Zargonians will serve as the "religous" arm of the once great Tower. They will also act as "ambassadors" to outside groups.

Posted by Keith at 10:10 PM

Another tale of Mendur Marris and the Cove Orc Fort

Anvil of the AoV posted the following addition to the current "Mendur Marris" Seer's Quest on the Golden Brew's message board:

Here's my account of the events last night. Pasque, Mirable, and Asmodean (who I will contact later) were there before Mendur left may want to contact one of them see if he left any instructions.

We started at the brew where we met with Mendur Marris. Still seeming t' have great anxiety over the recent events. He gave t' us a rune t' Amon's home. He informed us that should we find any evidence or even Amon himself, how we choose t' handle the situation would be left up t' us.

We formed 2 parties, I leading one Ursula leading the other. By use of the magical moonstones we soon found ourselves in the land controled by Minax. After regrouping gates were opened t' the rune that Mendur gave t' us. As soon as we entered Amon's home someone almost instantly found (and almost t' easy in my opinion) a rune labled 'Cove' and with it Amon's journal. The journal told us how he had been selling goods t' the Cove Orc's. It also stated he would be there delivering, or awaiting a shipment. Of which I can nae remember.

We gated t' the mining town of cove and traveled t' the edge of the mountains in the east. After regouping again we marched toward the Orc Fort. There t' greet us were many a ettin, and orcs of all kinds. We slowly made our advance toward the Fort.

Finally inside we saw, Amon speaking with who seemed t' be the lead orc. I over heard part of thier conversation. The orc questioned Amon why us humans were invading his fort. He then quickly went back t' the deal they were seemingly discussing before our arrival and told Amon that the orcs will find him and kill him. And that they will pay him. Though I could not hear Amon amongst the battle around me, the orc said t' him that he would use the human weapons that Amon had supplied t' kill them all. I assume he was speaking of us, though I nae know for sure.

During our discussion with Amon and the leader of the Orcs we have found out that Amon not only has been supplying them with weapons but has also informed them of human tactics and has been teaching the orcs how t' fight, and speak the britannian language. Amon also considers the orcs creatures of honor.

We began t' question Amon and his involvement with Pabert. He said he had saw him earlier, as in months ago, and he was in good health though hiding. Amon seems t' believe that Pabert is afraid that he may be caught, as he stole gold from his lord. Who his lord is he never said.

After a few more acusations that seemed t' insult Amon Jolds, he grew tired of defending his innocence and drew his sword and attacked me.

And the battle begun, some of us were attacking Amon for his dishonorable deed of attacking a man who was not threatening him. Others took on the onslaught of orcs that began t' flood in as Amon informed the orc leader that attacking us would be the payment they owed him.

Amon began t' grow weak and he recalled out of the battle. We however were still stuck inside the fort with an army of orcs. Mendur Marris soon joined and fought by our side. After what seemed like eterinity of fighint Mirable, Mendur and I were all that was left in the fort. Mirable and I were having great difficulty in getting Mendur t' leave though we would not join the others without him. He seemed greatly worried about the possessions of the fallen warriors. I informed him we would replace them but t' please hurry and come with us. Mirable and I had grown tired, and were nae as strong as we were before the battle, we both were also running low on bandages t' heal our wounds. Finally Mendur began t' follow us out.

Soon we joined the others, and back t' the Brew we went. Mendur stayed t' talk with us a bit, seemingly very angry at Amon for what he had done.

After many left t' retire I began t' question Mendur of things he knew. All that I learned was he grew up in Cove, and became a sword for hire for Flenniel Loaks caravan. Flenniel soon began t' take him under his wing, taught him how t' fight and the way of the merchant. Mendur soon after a small investment from Flenniel, began his career as a merchant. That career seemed t' come t' a hault when he met his wife. She t' was from Cove. The had a child, Aireen, however, his wife gave her life t' bring Aireen in t' this world.

I then started t' question Mendur on Flenniel Loak, but alas I blacked out. When I came t' Mendur was preparing his leave. We said farewell and off he went.

Not much later, Pasque, Sleatha, Mirabelle and I were still sitting at the Brew, sharing each of our own opinons on all the recent events when Flenniel Loak rode up. We talked with him for a while and informed him of the nights events. I also informed him of what I heard the orc say t' Amon. That though they did not say his name that he should be careful as the orcs are after someone, under Amon's request.

Though I do not feel Amon is the only guilty party. He certainly has done some things that he should be held accountable for...

Posted by Keith at 3:03 PM

*begins to write in her Journal*

I found the following notes about a Seer's Quest from Ursula on the floor of the Golden Brew's message area:

*begins to write in her Journal*

Tonight we met again with Mendur Marris. Fighters from Avalon, Heaven's Forge, Dawn, AoV, Fairhaven and Golden were amongst the crowd. Mendur had a rune to a spot in Britain where he thought we might find Amon. Once we got there we found a book and another rune that took us to Cove.

We figured that Amon was holding a meeting at the Orc Fort so we all headed there... then...orcs..ettins..orcs...ettins...fighting...We found Amon and an Orc Lord in a meeting in the center of the fort. We tried talking to him about the goings on, but he attacked Anvil. So we fought back. It was then the Orc Lord called in recruitments. Hundreds of orcs swarmed the fort and many lives were lost. Amon escaped barely with his life and we all fought our way out of the fort.

Mendur did show up to lend a hand and once we were all clear we made our way back to the pub...we questioned Mendur some more, but didn't get anything out of him while I was there..I must sleep now. Too many orcs...*lays down her pen and goes to sleep*

Posted by Keith at 2:28 PM

The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower

Darkness. Death. Decay. The cruel and inevitable passage of time. The unforgiving fate, the very doom which the Tower sought to bring to the decreped heretics of a blasphemous new era, the very harbinger of plague and disease, fallen to the fates, and now at the mercy of the gods. It was not long ago the Great War was fought. The unquenchable thirst of darkness filled with the lust of destruction as the legions of Minax consumed the lands of Britannia. Side by side, the Tower and Minax fought against a pestilence that had consumed the lands of Sosaria, and that had broken the ties of the dark brethren. Married by the same vows to end the reign of Lord British and to reclaim what was rightfully theirs, The Cabal and Na-Krul aided the generals of Minax. The battles were long and fierce, blood was spilt, and the souls of the pathetic heathens were claimed in the name of Darkness, in the name of the Tower.

First in the South, Na-Krul led his minions of darkness against the newly sprung alliance of liberation, aiding the lich Juo�nar, and solidifying his reign by hunting down the paladin lackey Dupre. Then in the north, as the orcish hordes were fed by the hatred of their enemies, Lord Blackwolf conspired with Keeonean, bringing the downfall of Yew, and the raiding of Avalon. Victory was ours, and all fled from the might of the newly formed alliance of darkness. British was defeated, and the world was once again Sosaria, our Sosaria.

There was never a time the Tower stood so proud, its walls filled with the satisfaction of blood shed, the spreading of enlightenment, and the boastful preaching of dark ones. The wails of the tormented echoed throughout it, the well of souls overflowed with the drunken rage of all who had felt the dark justice of Na-Krul, yet the void was still there, the need, the revenge. The lackeys of Virtue, the followers of British, the heathens that once stood against the Tower, they would not escape the wrath of a thousand years oppression. The forces of Darkness were once again called upon. The remaining forces of the alliance of virtue had gathered within Avalon, Na-Krul�s conquest had not yet been completed. Once again, Lord Blackwolf led his �ominous cloud of doom� towards the war-torn lands of the north�only to find defeat.

Now, as night once again falls upon the Tower, the shadows of the past can again dance on our blood stained walls. The dim flickering light of the candle reveals the waste, the decay, and the illusion of the Dark Tower�s present grandeur as if mocking it with every gasp of air it can consume. The library is now barren and destroyed, its knowledge scattered to the Four Corners of the world. The once great pentacle, the very circle of ritual that accepted the blood of the innocents, empty and yearning for souls. The only sound now heard is the echoes of the ghostly apparitions haunting the present with the damnation of the past. This has become the fate of the Dark Tower. I can only mourn the fate that had befallen the once mighty legion of Darkness and the temple of Na-Krul. Abandoned and betrayed by the wench Minax, the forces of Lord Blackwolf were routed and slaughtered within the lands of the north. The very force that helped guide Minax to victory was left to rot as the overwhelming numbers crushed the then dwindling life of the Dark Tower.

It was after the defeat the body of my master was discovered resting upon the great pentacle, his glorious arms stretched out embracing the death they yearned for. His hands were twisted like that of a daemon�s claw attempting to clutch the last bastion of power he had possessed. His chilling glare, staring into space as if beseeching the very heavens to reign a fiery death upon the world, finally satisfying his thirst for destruction. Na-Krul, my master, was dead�

More to come�

Posted by Keith at 1:23 AM

November 21, 2000

Reminder: Dawn's Tournament for Merchants

The Kingdom of Dawn will be hosting its first Dawn's Tournament for Merchants on Sunday, November 26, 2000, starting at 6 PM PST. It will be held in the Kingdom of Dawn which is located east of Dungeon Wrong, Felucca facet. There will be gaters in Britain, in the tinkers shop (north of the West Bank) and Vesper Bank.

We have also added a bowcrafting event to the day. Here are the rules:

Bowcrafting (Non GM Division)

The contestants will have 5 minutes to make as many Heavy Crossbows as possible of the highest possible quality. You will be given a backpack with a book with your name on it to put them into. You will hand the backpack to the judge who will arms lore the items to determine their quality. The winner will receive a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.

Bowcrafting (GM Division)

The contestants will have 5 minutes to make as many GM Marked Heavy Crossbows as possible. You will be given a backpack with a book with your name on it to put them into. You will hand the backpack to the judge who will examine the items to determine their quality. The winner will receive a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.
Pre-registration for the crafting events is requested. Questions and pre-registration can be emailed to wildstar@kingdomofdawn.com.

Posted by Keith at 7:31 PM

November 20, 2000

75000 visitor

Just thought I'd give you guys my congradulations for such a wonderful and successful news information site for our community. I know, I read it every day and that it is always updated and rarely down. It's great.

Anyways, have a nice day and continue the great work.


[Well, now...what a nice thing to say! :] Thanks from all of us Freeborn Pressmen for the great compliment, Death! Congrats on being #75000! I have to say that being Freeborn is one of my favorite parts of UO. -Nobody]

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Attack on Flenniel Loak, and a Thanks

We'd like t' thank everyone that came t' the Shadowlight/Alliance of Virtue Thanksgiving Feast!

Many folk came from all over Britannia. Friends of ole' and of new alike were there to gorge themselves on the meal we prepared for them.

Near the end of the event though Flenniel Loak, a great merchant, showed up. However he was not alone.... Following him was hordes of elementals, and a request for his head!

For Anvil's account of the events please see the historical documents of Shadowlight and AoV.

Paintings of the Dinner:
Alliance of Vitue (go to Past AoV Event's page)

Paintings and Story of the Elemental Attack:
Village of Shadowlight (go to Quests page)

Again thank ye to all that showed up!

Anvil, AoV
Village TownCrier, HC

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OSI: Seeking Companions and Counselors

The following was just posted to FYI on the UO.com website:

Seeking Companions and Counselors

MMRPG seeks unique individuals for exciting and compelling volunteer Companion and Counselor duties. Must be confident, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable of all things Ultima Online. Willing to volunteer on the Formosa, Arirang, Balhae, or AOL Legends shard is a plus. If volunteering for a non-English-speaking shard, speaking the native language of the shard is appreciated. Apply today!

Translation: We're seeking Companions and Counselors for all shards, but specifically on the Formosa, Arirang, Balhae, or AOL Legends shards. If you're an active Ultima Online player and are interested in volunteering your time to help other players enjoy the world of Britannia, we'd like to hear from you! Counselors must be 21 years of age or older, Companions must be 18 years of ago or older, and applicants to both programs must be free of any outstanding account issues. To learn more about the Companion and Counselor programs and to fill out an online application, please follow the links from our Volunteer Information page.

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Goings-on in Shadowlight

Mirabel posted the following account on the Heaven's Forge message board, here:

Goings-on in Shadowlight

An uneventful evening became much more lively as I answered the call of Grand Mystic and our friends of the Village of Shadowlight... Seems Thanksgiving Dinner was interrupted by Flenniel Loak and an entourage of unwelcome elemental visitors.

As near as I can tell, Flenniel apparently had merely intended to join the citizens of Shadowlight for dinner, but was waylaid by these creatures. Many brave warriors fought for quite some time to clear the woods of the invaders. I arrived in the middle of the battle, just as the elementals and their mage handlers were gating in reinforcements.

Flenniel appeared to think this was an attempt on his life. He was reluctant to, or perhaps truly couldn't, name who might be responsible, although he did mention the mystery of Mendur's daughter's disappearance and his hand in helping find her as a possible cause. Maybe some of this can all be cleared up this week at the [Golden] Brew when we meet with Mendur Marris again.

Anvil will publish his accounting of the past day's events on both the Shadowlight and AoV boards tomorrow, follow links below. Please take a gander!


What manner of sorcery is this??!

[More images of the event can be seen in the original post, or on our message board, here]

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November 19, 2000

OSI: The Rescue of Aireen Marris

I read the following article from November 17th, written by Flenniel Loak about Mendur Marris's missing daughter, in the BNN section of the Ultima Online web site:

The Rescue of Aireen Marris

My name is Flenniel, though my friends �oft call me Flen. Ye can call me whatever ye like so long as it does not involve any expletives an references to my mother in unpleasant ways... else I will have to practice tying knots with your internal organs, and neither of us want that do we? Now, my point in writing this is to inform all ye folk about the goings on with my once-apprentice and very old friend Mendur Marris and his daughter, Aireen. So ye know where I fit in here, a week or so back (as the goodly people who scribe this chronicle have put in a previous article) Mendur suspected his daughter of being kidnapped and had his friends o�er at the Golden Brew track his former clerk who was fired due to suspected theft. Paburt, as that was his name an if�n ye have not guessed that ye�d better stop readin an go back to grammar school, told them that the old, if somewhat sage and debonair with amazing wit and intelligence, merchant who apprenticed Mendur and became the closest thing Aireen had to a grandfather, might have an idea where Aireen would have gone if she ran off on her own. That, if ye have not guessed as yet... an if not, shame on ye, dolt... is myself. Mendur used to go on long trips while seeing through deals and, back before his tasks were purely administrative, he often saw the shipments through himself across the more dangerous areas of mainland Britannia. He an I tried to time our trips so that when he was gone, I would be able to help keep watch over Aireen. Sometimes, I had to go on a trip too an I would just take the young Lady with me. Other times, we would just go out on trips together for the fun of it, and quite lovely walks they were. Aireen has always regarded me as a confidant, and friend, and I must admit my day gets brighter with just one smile from the young one. During our trips, one of her favorite places were some old ruins near the Yew Orc Fort, where we would camp out and hide to watch the orcs play and fight each other. It was not too risky in those days, but what with the orcs going rampant lately and growing more restless...

The only place I thought of that she might go in times of trouble would be this place, as despite the dangerous area she seemed to find security in that place. I made out a few maps from the Yew guard tower to the ruins and passed them on to the folks gathered at Golden. Those present seemed to constitute the cities of Golden, Heaven�s Forge, Dawn, and Avalon. There may have been people from other cities there, but I think that covers the majority. They used a rune I had from a long time ago to get to the guard post after facet gating over to Felucca, and then from what I am told found the ruins. And the many orcs infesting it. I was told they were a bit alarmed to find blood on the ground, and Aireen�s diary. With Aireen�s permission I will write the contents here for ye to see:

Dear Eilis,

I don�t know what to do. I write to you every day, and I know that... wherever you are... you hear these words. The hope that perhaps you wait for me on the other side makes me long to join you... but, I just cannot do that to Daddy. I am all he has left... and since I took Mother away from him, it would be cruel to leave him too. But Daddy just won�t see what that Amon Jolds is really like, when he looks at me I feel like a piece of meat he is appraising the worth of... if you were here, you wouldn�t let him look at me like that, would you? I know, my heart, I know. I did not know what to do, so I came to the only place I knew of that nobody would know where to find me... except, maybe Papa Loak. But it�s okay if he comes here... I really need a hug from him.

Oh dear, wait a moment my Eilis, for I think I hear some animals coming near, I shall be right back as soon as I find out what it is.

Aireen has always felt a burden on her heart for the death of her mother... the poor dear�s mother died while giving birth to her, and ever since Aireen has felt an obligation of sorts to Mendur. Mendur, though, instead of getting all bitter-like about it, simply looked at his �lil one as a continuation of his wife in a way, and his world from then on really has been built around her. Then, Aireen had fallen in love with a friend of Mendur�s, Eilis Soll, and Eilis became like a son to Mendur. His death hit Mendur almost as hard as it did Aireen. Anyway, I do digress. The brave folks journeyed on to the Orc Fort right away, smartly predicting that if Aireen was still alive there would be some trace of her at the fort nearby. An of course, there was. Aireen could be heard screaming from the hut inside the fort, and there was a huge orc warrior armored in black, unmarked plate. There was also an unusually powerful orcish mage on the walls attacking the folks trying to save Aireen. But the brave folks fought through wave after wave of them beasties, finally making it inside with no small loss of life, and killing off the orc mage before going for the leader. The leader had been slapping Aireen around, the bloody brute... I wish I had been there, so I could have used his entrails as... oh, nevermind. I hear it was a rather long battle, and the orc warrior was outnumbered by almost fifteen to one, but he kept going strong and even took a few people down before they finally put down the awful creature. They brought Aireen outside and talked to her a bit, getting a sense of what happened and finding out she had indeed ran away but was attacked by orcs at her favorite ruins. I must say, I as well as Mendur give sincere thanks to Golden Brew and Heaven�s Forge for the rescue of my daughter and pursuing her safe return for the last two weeks. I also extend a most sincere congratulations to Dawn and Avalon for joining the rescue mission this last week... it took all of ye to take down those orcs, every last one of ye, and ye made a marvelous team!

Aireen seemed to have suspicions about Amon, and the other people at the tavern from what I hear also had their suspicions. Apparently Amon was the one who, when they were searching Paburt�s (Mendur�s clerk, ye dolt, do ye not remember from above?) house, suggested they check under the floorboards where they found the pilfered gold Mendur was missing. Aireen also did not like Amon�s demeanor, and felt he had less than good intentions. Mendur was quite distressed by this, an I do understand: Amon has been there through a lot of troubles. When Eilis died, Amon was there to be a friend and help Mendur through things. As for myself, Amon is a rather kind sort if a bit ruthless in his business tactics. But the armor and weapons he trades is always of the highest quality, and is renown around Britannia.

I came into the tavern a while after Aireen and Mendur had left and talked some with Beaker and Pasque... that Pasque sure is a rather odd girl, if�n I say so myself, but quite pleasant company... an Beaker showed me the halberd he got from the Orc Warrior. I examined it a bit and used my extensive knowledge from trading for the past fifty years of my life to see what I could tell. Apparently it seemed made of the harder sort of metal that comes from the mountains around the Britain area, and looked to have been forged in a rather dry temperature which shows it is of Felucca... as Trammel has a subtly more damp climate. The angles were rather sharp, which shows it is of a Britain design and the craftsmanship was superb quality, obviously that of a skilled grand master smith. The reason an orc had this could have been that the orc killed and stole weapons and armor off people, but the one odd thing was: the weapon was unmarked. Apparently they had gotten valorite plate off the orc as well, and that too was completely unmarked and of superior quality. As a merchant, I must say, in all my years I have never seen merchandise of that quality made and yet gone unmarked. It had to have been especially ordered that way.

If you would like to find out what steps will be taken to either clear or convict Amon Jolds� name, Mendur will be returning to the Golden Brew Tavern on Tuesday, November 21 at 7 PST.

Posted by Keith at 1:18 PM

OSI: A Wild Goose Chase for Mendur�s Daughter

I read the following article from November 14th, written by Mendor Marris himself about his missing daughter, in the BNN section of the Ultima Online web site:

A Wild Goose Chase for Mendur�s Daughter

I was off on a trip to Yew, Trammel when I first got word that my daughter was missing. Aireen is the center of my world. Ever since her mother died giving birth to the wee little blessing, Aireen was what I cared about most in the world. I had been particularly worried about her recently, as for the last two years or so she has been secluded in her room in constant mourning for her fianc� Eilis Soll. Eilis was a good man, a diplomat for the city of Britain who handled disputes involving trade with any city who traded with Britain. He met my daughter through me, and after a period of courtship asked my permission to marry her. Then, tragedy struck, and pieces of his body were found neat an orc camp � brutally slaughtered by a band of well-armed orcs.

Ever since that horrible day, Aireen had never got on with her life - indeed she had never even left her room to eat. I was worried about my daughter. What would happen to her after I died? I am getting rather old, and while she is a tough young Lady of eighteen years, she is not used to living on her own in this harsh land. I was forced to the decision that she would have to marry, out of love for her, and a middle aged friend of mine named Amon seemed to be the perfect pick. Amon is a good man who has always been there for me, in good times and bad, and is an extremely wealthy arms merchant. Just the person who would take good care of my daughter. He did not suggest this - in fact, I had to work hard to convince him to accept the idea, but finally he did.

Then, while I was on a trade arrangement trip to Yew, Trammel (I live in Britain, Felucca myself and until recently did all my trading in the Felucca mainland area) I received word that she had disappeared. I headed immediately back home to Britain, Felucca and sent all my merchants out looking for Aireen throughout Britannia. After nearly a week, it seemed hopeless, until, with Amon�s help, I realized that a former clerk of mine named Paburt might be responsible. He was caught �juggling the books� and filching a large amount of my money over the years for his own use, and was removed from service two or three months back. He had talked with Aireen a great deal and seemed to have a crush on her, which we decided made him a very likely suspect, seeing as he might have heard about my plans to marry Aireen to Amon. The search was on.

I had arranged a trade conference at the Golden Brew in Felucca, and asked several different people to have those interested come, but it became clearer and clearer that this conference would turn into my only hope to beseech others to aid in finding Aireen. All I knew was that Paburt had a fondness for taverns, and had come from the city of Vesper before he started working for me.

The kind folks from the Golden Brew and Heaven�s Forge, however, were quick to find a tavern in Vesper with a barkeeper who had seen someone of Paburt�s description. He had mentioned that his uncle was in the fishermen�s guild, as though it was a sign of status, and the players quickly found the fishermen�s guild and began to question the guildmaster Treben. At first the man denied knowing Paburt, but from what I heard the group promised not to harm him and showed their good intentions in simply finding Aireen and even proving Paburt�s innocence if they could. Treben finally agreed to help them, and explained that Paburt had come back to Vesper a few months back in a panic, talking about how he was betrayed and wrongly accused of stealing from his job.

When Treben heard that Aireen had gone missing, as it was no secret, Paburt panicked yet again and said they would come looking for him, and ran off to hide in the graveyard. The group thanked Treben and made their way to the graveyard, where Paburt was seen to be calling out for help while being chased by undead.

One particularly large Bone Knight had cornered him and was accusing Paburt of defiling the sanctity of their resting place. After the group defeated a powerful Liche Lord, they dispached the Knight and attempted to calm Paburt down.

With some coaxing, Paburt shared that if anyone would know where Aireen was it would be Flenniel Loak. Flenniel is the merchant that I apprenticed to back when I first started out in the trade, before going off on my own. He was the closest thing that Aireen had to a grandfather, and would often go out with her on trips. The only person who has ever known Aireen better than Flenniel was the late Eilis Soll.

Flenniel, however, is still away on a trading expedition and shall not be back for a few days yet. Paburt agreed to have Flenniel attempt to come to the Golden Brew a week from that day. It is my sincere hope that my daughter will be found, through the efforts of these brave and kind friends I have met at Golden Brew and beyond, and I have faith.

If you would like to assist Mendur Marris in his search for Aireen, join the adventurers at the Golden Brew Tavern on Tuesday, November 14 at 7 PST.

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Scavenger Hunt Reminder

The following reminder from Ursula2 was posted on our own message board, here:

Scavenger Hunt Reminder

This is just a reminder about the scavenger hunt. Will start at Avalon Town Hall at 2 P.M. pst. I have extra runes and fel stones if you need. I added a vanquishing bow to the 1st place prize of 30k (donation by kind friend), 2nd and 3rd still 20k and 10k, respectively. Hope to see as many of you there that can make it. If you have any questions, feel free to ICQ me 28846597.

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November 17, 2000

Thanksgiving Reminder and Changed Gating Time!

My last scroll had a small error in it so I am sending a new one t' all in Britannia as a reminder o' the Village of Shadowlight and the Alliance of Virtue's Thanksgiving Feast being held this Sunday, November 19th at the Alliance of Virtue's Virtue Tavern.

Gates will be summoned from the North Britain Counselors guild and Vesper Bank at 4:45pm, west coast time. (Previous scroll sent out said 5:45pm my apologies.) There will be gates opened up through-out the dinner in these locations. Dinner will be served from 5-9pm west coast time. There are also runes available for yer own magical transport at: The Golden Brew, and The Ring of Steel Tower.

T' get a list o' the food being served please see the AoV's historical documents(simply go t' the pages labled as 'news'). There is also a reference to the Village of Shadowlight's documents where ye can get a look at the area map should ye want t' walk t' the tavern.

Good food, good friends, can't wait t' see ye all there!

Anvil, AoV
Master of Ceremony, HC

Posted by Keith at 4:13 PM

The quest to save Lord Reuben

I read the following exciting Seer's Quest news from Beaker on the Golden Brew message board:

The quest to save Lord Reuben

(this was a late night quest that someone did and I went to. sorry no pics. :( )

I was in Britian lastnight selling some goods. An axe over here, some armor over there when the town crier called out "Lord Reuben has been taken to the mage tower in Fire." Now I have gone to fire many times, and as a Golden Knight I must help those in need so I recalled to the place they call Fire. Inside many have fallen and most did not know where to go. Me and a man named Kazon took the lead. Kazon was a warrior with a big axe, and I had my old longsword and knew where to go.

We battle all the way down to the lowwer level of this place. Liches, Hellhounds and evil mages trying to kill us along the way. But with fast running and healing we made it to the mage tower. On the first floor many of the mages came at us, casting there spells but we showed that a blade can be a better tool in combat. After fighting are way we made it to the top floor and found Lord Reuben. Thing of it was water, fire and air Elementals where in wait. In somewhat of a move I got most of them to come after me. After traping them where they could not hurt my new found friends one who was not so dumb came after me.

After dieing a helpfull mage casted a resurrection spell. HA I was back and after healing myself I was back in the battle. Lord Reuben, Kazon and the rest of are party started to leave. Yet every door we opened more Elementals came after us. And when we got out more of those blasted mages, but we made it back up. We started to head to Papua, but again we had more Fire Elementals coming after us. Many where dead along the road but we would move a little and fight some more. After what felt like days we made it back to the town of Papua, for once I was glad to see that town and smell it too.

Lord Reuben thanked us for are help and gave all of us some old wands he found. And whent to look for a blacksmith. My new found friends thanked me for my help and after that we all left to go back to are homes.

(Sorry for no pics I was in a rush forgot to take some)

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November 16, 2000

Gateway of Avalon is Rebuilt

Hazard, our own Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Freeborn Press, asked me to show off his latest version of the Gateway of Avalon.

Avalon is located on the large peninsula west of the Dungeon Wrong, on the Felucca facet. The Gateway signifies the easternmost edge of the so-called City of Destiny, separating the mainland from the peninsula as it sits next to the local vendor mall known as the Avalon Commissary. This is the third iteration of the Gate, the first two having been dismantled as newer, better building techniques were developed.

Although large and seemingly prohibitive to travelling to and from the peninsula, in truth these barrels do not block any character from walking over or through them. Hazard brings some engineering techniques to Avalon from his days constructing Lumaria's original Boat Bridge, Rune Boats, and the Aqueducts which watered the flowers at the Shrine of Sacrifice during a dry season.

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Pictures from the UO World Faire

If, like me, you weren't able to attend the UO World Faire, you might be interested in the pictures set up here and at Markee Dragon's here.

Posted by Keith at 7:20 PM

Runesabre Interviewed on Variety of Topics Including UO:3D and SP

UOSS posted an interview with Runesabre, Lead Programmer of UO:

Runesabre Interviewed on Variety of Topics Including UO:3D and SP

Last evening, after nearly two years in the planning, Joshua Rowan and myself finally got a chance to sit down with Runesabre (UO: Third Dawn Dev. Team) and discuss several subjects. Discussion ranged from Runesabre and his arrival at OSI through the development and changes to Siege Perilous up to the most recently announced UO: Third Dawn addition we're all looking forward to. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as Joshua and I had conducting it!
The entire interview can be read here.

Posted by Keith at 6:54 PM

OSI: Information for UO Fan sites

Melantus sent out the following important message for UO Fansites:

Information for UO Fan sites

In regards to post-UOFfaire and pre-UO3D information distribution, we would like to ask the fan sites to make sure all interview requests go through Calandryll, Manager of Community Services (Calandryll@uo.com). This would encompass interviews with any members of the UO Live or UO Third Dawn Development or Support teams. Additionally, all interview requests for members of the UWO:ORIGIN team should be directed to Cynthe at cynthe@uo2.com, as well as Calandryll. This is just to make sure that we keep information together, and that we are all on the same page. Thanks again for your dedication and support for UO.

Online Community Coordinator
Ultima Online

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November 15, 2000

Mendur Marris' Daughter Returned

Tonight many brave warriors and mages from Avalon, Dawn, Golden, Heaven's Forge and other towns gathered at The Golden Brew hoping to speak with Flenniel Loak. It was last week that Paburt had told us that Loak might know the whereabouts of Aireen, Mendur Marris' daughter.

Loak arrived at the Golden Brew and told us that he had heard the news of Aireen. He was very distressed as she was like a granddaughter to him. He thought she might be hiding out, worried that her father wanted to marry her off to his old friend, Amon. Loak told us how he often took her on trips, and he thought she might have gone to her favorite spot, which was located near the Yew Orc Fort in Felucca.

We quickly organized ourselves and traveled to the outpost by the Orc Fort. Immediately armies of orcs attacked us. We made our way to an abandoned ruin where we found a journal written by Aireen. It was to her fianc�e, Eilis, who had passed away. She poured her heart out in her journal, but at the end wrote how she was afraid for her life for she had heard strange noises. She wrote she was going to hide, but we suspected foul play when we found traces of blood upon her written pages.

Impie reads Aireen's journal

Fighting off the orcsSeveral of the party decided we had better check out the Orc Fort, so we rode over in that direction. It quickly became obvious that we were on the right track when we ran up against waves of marauding orcs.

We fought the orcs outside the camp, but we could see our greatest challenge was to be once we made our way inside. Those of us on horseback could see just over the wall and saw Aireen being held captive in the top room of the fort. We could also see an orc mage of great power and an Orc Warrior with arms as large as tree trunks.

Several of our group bravely rushed in to save Aireen, but it became obvious that a plan was needed. We decided to concentrate on the mage and then work on the warrior. Finally the orcs were slain and Aireen was freed. We all gathered and returned the Brew to return Aireen to her father.

Safely back at the Golden BrewOnce at the pub, there was heated discussion between many of our group and Mendur. Mendur explained how he had gone to Paburt's home and had discovered millions of dollars hidden beneath some loose floorboards. It was suspicious to us however, that it was actually his friend Amon who had found the loosened boards. Once again we brought up the subject that Amon could possibly be behind this. Mendur had told us that Amon was a dealer in arms and armor and we pointed out that the orcs were very heavily armed. Still he would not accuse Amon of any crime until he had evidence.

Aireen grew weary of the debate and asked to be taken home. Mendur told us that he would take his daughter home, but return to the Golden Brew next Tuesday at 7pm PST. We're hoping that next week we'll get a chance to speak with Amon himself and see if we can clear this mystery up.

Posted by Keith at 12:32 AM

November 14, 2000

OSI: Reminder about protecting your login & password information

Melantus posted this reminder on the Ultima Online list for egroups:


As a reminder, a GM will never ask you for your login and password. This holds true for ICQ as well, a GM will not ask you for this information via ICQ or from email. If someone is messaging you via ICQ and saying they are a Gamemaster for UO, set them on ignore and do not reply to them.

Online Community Coordinator
Ultima Online

Posted by Keith at 11:49 PM

OSI: Faction System Publish Update

The following was just posted to FYI on the UO.com website:

Faction System Publish Update

We will be activating the Faction System publish, as listed in Testing for Next Update, on the Sonoma and Siege Perilous shards on Wednesday, November 15th. The publish will be active on the Sonoma shard following it's regularly scheduled maintenance period. The Siege Perilous shard will be taken down for a special maintenance period following its first completed backup after 9:00 AM CST. Upon return from this maintenance period, the Faction System will be active on this shard as well.

We will continue to monitor the Sonoma and Siege Perilous shards for any issues that may arise, and will continue to publish to all remaining shards as soon as possible. The changes will be added to Latest Game Updates once the publish is active on all shards.

Posted by Keith at 11:47 PM

OSI: UO.com Message Boards Open

The following was just posted to FYI on the UO.com website:

UO.com Message Boards Open

We have resolved the technical issues affecting the UO.com Message Boards and have opened them to the public. Unfortunately, the same factors that led to the corruption of our user database also resulted in a loss of the database backup. Thus, it will be necessary for users to recreate their accounts before posting to the boards.

Important: If you previously registered to use the UO.com Message Boards, your board name and password were stored in a cookie. This cookie must be updated with your new name and password. Please re-register using the following steps:
  1. Log in to MyUO.
  2. Visit http://boards.uo.com.
  3. Click "New User" on the top menu or follow the instructions in the pop-up window.
  4. Enter your message board name and your email address.
  5. Once your new password has arrived in email, click "Login" on the top menu.
  6. You will receive an error message stating that your password is incorrect. Ignore this message. Your browser will redirect to a login page where you may,
  7. Log in with your board name and new password.
After completing these steps, your cookie should be set with your new board name and password and you may reset any profile options as necessary, including changing your password to your preferred password.

Posted by Keith at 5:25 PM

OSI: UO.com Message Boards Update

The following was just posted to FYI on the UO.com website:

UO.com Message Boards Update

Yesterday afternoon, the UO.com message boards suffered substantial server and database problems. Unfortunately, to resolve these problems, it was necessary for us to erase and rebuild the user database. We consider the message boards to be one of the most important and successful ways in which we communicate with the UO community, and it is with much regret that we have been forced to take such extreme action. However, after discussing possible alternatives, we feel this is the only way we can ensure that the issues will be resolved to complete satisfaction.

The message boards will remain closed for several more hours while we rebuild necessary administrative tools and functions, at which point they will be reopened to the public. It will be necessary to re-register your message board user name before posting, though you should be able to use your prior posting name. We will post specific instructions on the steps necessary to re-register once the boards have been opened.

Again, we regret the measures necessary to resolve this issue, and will be placing safeguards to ensure that this situation will not be repeated.

Posted by Keith at 5:22 PM


I am offering an award for the whereabouts on my wife and my newborn daughter. My wife goes by the name of Rachel Seallady and has been known to cruise the seas. A 150K bounty shall be rewarded to anyone who helps me to kill her and retrieve me daughter.


Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 1:23 AM

November 13, 2000

OSI: UO.com Message Boards Update

The following was just posted to FYI on the UO.com website:

UO.com Message Boards Update

We are currently experiencing technical issues with the UO.com message board database that have required we close off access to the boards. We are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible and return the boards to working order.

Posted by Keith at 10:45 PM

OSI: Publish Update

The following was just posted to FYI on the UO.com website:

Publish Update

We will be publishing the stablemaster changes listed in Testing for Next Update to the Sonoma Shard. The publish will be active on the shard following its Wednesday, November 15th maintenance period, barring any unforeseen downtimes. We will continue to monitor the Sonoma shard for any issues that may arise, and will continue to publish to all remaining shards as soon as possible.

Additionally, we will be publishing the overland spawn changes, previously published on Great Lakes only, to all shards this evening. These changes will be available on all shards following their next scheduled maintenance periods.

The changes will be added to Latest Game Updates once the publish is active on all shards.

Posted by Keith at 5:30 PM

Kingom of Dawn Summoning Tournament and Recruitment Drive

The Order of the Crimson Staff within the Kingdom of Dawn invites all people interested in joining the Mage Faction of Dawn and Dawn in general to a tournament showcasing magery skills and the Kingdom. This will take place on Saturday December 2nd at 7pm pst. There will be some great prizes available and you might just find yourself a new home within our Kingdom.

Most of you know that there are various things you can summon within the magic system of UO, so I have decided to bring them all together in this Tournament.

Summon Food Contest
This one is for everyone, from Grandmaster Mage to the Apprentice.

Each Mage gets to cast 3 summon food spells, the best piece of food out of all cast will be the one that counts towards the Mages score, for example...
Mage One gets a ham, a loaf, and a apple
the ham will be the mages entry.

In the event of a tie, there will be a cast off, the winner will be the mage that casts the best piece last.

There is more luck than skill in this event, as summon food is a basic level one spell.

  • 100 of each reagent
  • 10k
  • Mystery Prize
Summon Creature
As the first one, this contest is fairly open because the skill level required is still relatively low.

Each Mage casts the spell Summon Creature. The first successful cast is the creature that the mage must use in the contest, be it a chicken or a polar bear. Mages will be paired up randomly before the casting begins, and advance or be eliminated as the contest proceeds.

Once each Mage has his creature and renamed it, they will fight to the death the winner will advance and the loser will be eliminated.

In the event of a tie, the last round will simply be replayed.

Once again there is more luck than skill in this contest as the spell is random.

  • 100 of each reagent
  • 10kMystery Prize
Summon Elemental Contest
This contest is for the advanced mage, since the spells required are all very high leveled.

Each Mage before the contest begins fills in a book, (supplied) and lists the Elementals in the order the Mage intends to cast them. Once the order is handed in to the judge, it CANNOT be changed for ANY reason. This is to prevent everyone summoning a Fire Elemental and ignoring the rest.

Each Elemental can be summoned ONCE, and you are paired up randomly to fight. An example of this is.....

Mage 1 - chooses - Fire, Water, Air, Earth.

Mage 2 - Chooses - Water, Air, Fire, Earth.

Mage 3 - Chooses - Air, Water, Earth, Fire.

Mage 4 - Chooses - Earth, Water, Fire, Air.

In the first round Mage 1 is paired up with Mage 4, Fire vs Earth, winner advances.
In the first round Mage 2 is paired up with Mage 3, Water vs Air, winner advances.

In the second round Mage 1 is paired up with Mage 2, Water vs Air, winner advances
In the second round Mage 3 is paired up with Mage 4, Water vs Water, winner advances.

And so on, until we have a ultimate winner.

  • 150 of each reagent
  • 15k
  • Mystery Prize
Summon Daemon Contest
This contest is for the GM Mage, as you will need all your power to win this.

Each Mage is paired up before the contest in a random drawing. One Mage is choosen from the pair to cast first (doesn't matter who goes first), Mage One summons a Daemon then leaves the ring. Mage Two then has to fight the Daemon to the death. This is a race against the clock, if the Daemon wins that Mage is eliminated, if the Mage wins his time is recorded and the winner of each match advances to the 2nd round, the winner is the Mage that kills the Daemon the fastest in the last round.

In the event of a tie, the last round will be replayed.

  • 200 of each reagent
  • 20k
  • Mystery Prize
  1. Judges decision is final and no discussion or protests will be listened too.
  2. Prizes are not negioatable or transferable for cash.
  3. OCS reserves the right to modify the prizes as we see fit.
  4. In each contest each Mage has 3 chances to cast the appropirate spell, if all 3 casts fail that Mage is automatically disqualified from that contest.
  5. All reagents needed must be supplied by the competitor.
  6. All packs will be snooped before the Summon Food Contest, so do not bring any food with you. All food carried will have to be surrendered before the contest begins.
  7. In the Summon Daemon Contest, the spell Dispel is prohibited.
This tournament will be held in the Kingdom of Dawn, player run town on the Felucca facet, just East of the Dungeon Wrong. Gates will be provided from Britain near the East Bank, Vesper near the Bank and Occlo near the bank all on the Felucca facet. There will also be a representive near the West bank in Britain on Trammel to bring people across.

Please visit our website at -

Any questions can be sent to vixen@kingdomofdawn.com

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 1:41 AM

November 12, 2000

Scavenger Hunt

The following from Ursula2 was posted on Avalon Public Forum:

Scavenger Hunt

Sunday, November 19th from 2 pm (pst) to 4 pm, there will be a scavenger hunt. It will start from the town hall of Avalon [Avalon is in Felucca -Ed.] at 2pm sharp. I will have books available with rules at that time. Some of the items may involve a little hunting so come prepared. Prizes are as follows:
  • 1st place 30k in gold
  • 2nd place 20k in gold
  • 3rd place 10k in gold
If you have any questions, ICQ me at 28846597

Ursula (not of the Golden Brew)

Posted by Keith at 12:38 AM

New Weekly Tournament for Baja

The following from Obao was posted on UOSS:

New Weekly Tournament for Baja

Together I, Obao, and my friend Savage Vamp, are hosting a weekly tournament. The event well be held every Saterday, 2 PM Est (11 AM Pst), on Savage's large tower roof. On the Felucca facet, Located at 123 29 n 86 24 e, about a 30 second run north of Minoc stables. The tower itself is named Nifty Little Shack.
Official tournament rules and regulations:

Tournament will held for 1 vs. 1 or group(s). No more than 3 per group. If you wish to participate in a group, you have to have your group chosen beforehand. With groups there may not be another group willing to fight of the same size, so no guarantees.

There will be a small fee of 1k per person to fight. Around 10% of the total will go to me for the use of my tower, random supplies and decorations. The rest will go back as prizes. Depending on the number of people who show up, the prize amount will vary, but will be approximately 60% to first place winners, and 40% to second place.

Looting will be decided by the people in the fight beforehand. If you don't want any looting to occur you must request it. If any member on either team decided upon no looting, neither team can loot.

Anything goes...well, almost anything. No pets allowed except a regular horse. No mares for fighting purposes, if you only have it to ride then mares will be permitted. All forms of PvP allowed. Bards, Assassins, mages, warriors, whatever you want to use. Bandages, potions (including explosion) may be used.

All forms of poison are legal, and no magic weapons or armor may be used. GM is top of the line. Any weapon style may be used.
There will be several vendors on top of tower selling cloth, bandies, potions, armor, weapons, and other combat related items.

123 29 n 86 24 e are the coordinates. Tower's name is Nifty Little Shack. It is located around 30 seconds north of Minoc stables. No reservations required. If lag gets to heavy from too many people watching, the tournament will be broken into 2 segments and half of the participants and people watching will have to leave. I will decide who leaves, and my decision is final. If you don't not get to watch or participate in the first event, you will see the second.

Not sure how I am going to keep the fighters from not giving murder counts. I will have a guild stone and hopefully guild the participants so that no count can be given.

Posted by Keith at 12:30 AM

Grand Opening of Baja University Library

The following from Golden Angel was posted this past Thursday on UOSS:

Grand Opening of Baja University Library

Greetings !!
Baja University is proud to announce the opening of its new library. We would like to formally invite the Baja community to attend the grand opening celebration of the library this Wednesday evening (November 15, 2000) at 6:00 p.m. PST. There will be refreshments for all, and at 6:30 p.m. Meredith [Note: Meredith is a Seer's role-playing character -Ed.] will grace us with one of her stories, followed by an open poetry reading session. For those that would like to come and tell a story, or recite their favorite poem, please contact Golden Angel via ICQ 10392292 in advance.

Baja University is located at 18 22N, 30 1E on the Trammel facet of the Baja shard. From the bank in east Britain, travel northeast about one minute, Baja University is a large tower. A picture of the university can be viewed at Tradespot, and if you have any questions please contact Golden Angel.

Thank you and hope to see you this Wednesday !!

Golden Angel of Baja

Posted by Keith at 12:27 AM

November 11, 2000

Thanksgiving Dinner for ALL!

The Alliance of Virtue and the Village of Shadowlight would like t' invite everyone t' Thanksgiving dinner!

We will be serving a three course meal on Sunday, November 19th at the AoV Tavern of Virtues, on the Trammel Facet. Dinner will be served between the hours of 5:00pm & 9:00pm, west coast time.

Thanksgiving is a time t' be thankful for the things we have. The AoV and Shadowlight have many a reason t' be thankful.. becuase of this, the meal will cost ye NOTHING. Tis' our way of saying thank ye t' the friends and allies we have, and t' those we hope t' have in the future. Those of ye that think ye have nothing t' be thankful for, ye will soon enough! The food will be better then ye can get at any pub in town!

Yer meal will consist of:

1st Course/Salad

Salad with Fall Squash Chutney Dressing
Various Breads

2nd Course/Main Entree

Mashed Potatoes
Choice of One Vegetable- Corn, Carrots, Cabbage.

3rd Course/Dessert

Pumpkin Pie



A pitcher o' any beverage will accompany yer meal. Additional beverages can be purchased at a minimal cost, just ask yer waiter/waitress.

Gates will be provided from North Britain Counselor Guild and Vesper Bank. Gates t'will begin at 5:45pm west coast time, and will be summoned at intervals all through-out the dinner. There are also runes at the Golden Brew and the Ring of Steel Tower. For a map t' the village and tavern, please visit the Shadowlight Historical Documents at http://shadowlight.wfsg.net and look at the 'area map'.

Can't wait t' see ye there!

Anvil, AoV
Mstr of Ceremony, HC

Posted by Keith at 7:38 PM

Dawn's Tournament for Merchants

The Kingdom of Dawn will be hosting its first Dawn's Tournament for Merchants on Sunday, November 26, 2000, starting at 6 PM PST. It will be held in the Kingdom of Dawn which is located east of Dungeon Wrong, Felucca facet. The events and rules are below:


The contestants will have 30 minutes to get as much logs/boards as possible from the trees in the nearby area. You will drop the logs/boards at the feet of your counter. We will try to have no more then 2 contestants per counter. No pack animals allowed. The winner will get a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.

The contestants will have 30 minutes to mine as much ore as possible from the nearby mountains. You will drop the ore at the feet of your counter. We will try to have no more then 2 contestants per counter. No pack animals allowed. The winner will get a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.

Non GM Division

The contestants will have 5 minutes to make as many Plate Helms as possible of the highest possible quality. You will be given a backpack with a book with your name on it to put them into. No resmelting allowed. You will hand the backpack to the judge who will arms lore the items to determine the quality. The winner will receive a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.

GM Division

The contestants will have 5 minutes to make as many GM Marked Plate Chests as possible. You will be given a backpack with a book with your name on it to put them into. No resmelting, strength or bless spell, or strength potions allowed. You will hand the backpack to the judge who will explain the items to determine their quality. The winner will get a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.


Non GM Division

The contestants will have 5 minutes to make as many Writing Desk as possible of the highest possible quality. You will be given a backpack with a book with your name on it to put them into. You will hand the backpack to the judge who will examine the items to determine their quality. The winner will receive a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.

GM Division

The contestants will have 5 minutes to make as many GM Marked Quarter Staff as possible. You will be given a backpack with a book with your name on it to put them into. You will hand the backpack to the judge who will explain the items to determine their quality. The winner will get a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.


Non GM Division

The contestants will have 5 minutes to make as many One Piece Female Armor Leather with Brown as possible of the highest possible quality. You will be given a backpack with a book with your name on it to put them into. No unraveling allowed. You will hand the backpack to the judge who will arms lore the items to determine the quality. The winner will receive a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.

GM Division

The contestants will have 5 minutes to make as many GM Marked Studded Leather Tunic as possible. You will be given a backpack with a book with your name on it to put them into. No unraveling allowed. You will hand the backpack to the judge who will explain the items to determine their quality. The winner will get a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.
Pre-registration for the crafting events is requested. Questions and pre-registration can be emailed to wildstar@kingdomofdawn.com.

Posted by Keith at 6:45 PM

OSI: Ultima Online: Third Dawn

I just read this official announcement about Ultima Online: Third Dawn on the Ultima Online web site:

Ultima Online: Third Dawn

Breaking news from the Ultima Online World Faire! Introducing Ultima Online: Third Dawn, a fresh new look for one of the most popular fantasy worlds of all time. With a vast and dangerous new land, new beasts and monsters, and the opportunity to view Britannia from an entirely new perspective, we think you'll find plenty of excitement in this newest incarnation of Ultima Online. Keep watch on the Ultima Online: Third Dawn website for news!
And, over at the official Ultima Online: Third Dawn (currently, anyway...you know how those OSI chaps like to change web addresses!), I read this:
��and when the sun rose following morning, it was on a vivid new world. Light danced across the verdant treetops, the calls of bird and beast rang crisp and clear through the forests, and the entire village seemed brighter and more� alive. Rumors whispered of an aged traveler settled over a pint of ale at the inn, trading tales of mysterious creatures and exotic lands.

Overnight it seemed the world as I�d known it had forever changed.�

From the journals of Telwyn Harn, Apprentice Mage

Ultima Online: Third Dawn brings an entirely new dimension to the vast world of Britannia!

Combining over 700 motion captured animations and nearly 200 different character models, Ultima Online: Third Dawn will bring an entirely new look and feel to the familiar world of Britannia.
  • Explore a vast and dangerous new land,
  • Battle over a dozen new beasts and monsters,
  • Enjoy enhanced and improved music and sound effects,
  • Show off dazzling light displays with a new particle system for spell and magic effects,
  • Travel the entire world of Britannia, enjoying the depth of an enhanced lighting and shading system, and
  • Experience 3D-enhanced characters and monsters throughout all of Britannia.
  • Ultima Online: Third Dawn will bring the 3D experience to Ultima Online�s Britannia, providing a fresh new look for one of the most popular fantasy gaming worlds of all time.

    Are you with us?

    Posted by Keith at 3:01 AM

    November 10, 2000

    Ultima Online: Third Dawn

    I read the following article about "Ultima Online: Third Dawn" and it's exciting new 3D enhancements for the existing Ultima Online game at Computer Games Online.

    Ultima Online: Third Dawn
    The granddaddy of online role-playing enters a new dimension

    Origin Systems is readying the most significant overhaul of its Ultima Online massively multiplayer online role-playing world with Ultima Online: Third Dawn. It features a cosmetic makeover that takes the existing top-down 2D game's sprite characters and monsters and replaces them with motion-captured animated 3D ones. The gameworld itself-the terrain and buildings-will remain in their existing 2D form, and the view of the game will remain nearly top-down.

    Though you may be inclined to think the 3D upgrade is a way to help compete with the more technological advanced (though in some game design ways simpler) EverQuest, producer Rick "Stellerex" Hall feels it shows Origin's commitment to its subscribers. "It says very emphatically that 'we intend to continue expanding on this incredible world for a long time to come'", he explains. "While we feel that it's a dramatic graphical step forward, it's also very significant in that it gives us a nearly infinite amount of room for future expansion. With [Third Dawn], we'll be able to patch in new content, special effects, and game systems that simply weren't possible with the old client."

    In addition to offering the 3D upgrade, Third Dawn also comes with new worlds to explore (according to Hall, it's 50 percent bigger than what was delivered with The Second Age), and as with previous new editions of the game, these areas will not be accessible to players that elect not to upgrade. Hall says the new land will use the Trammel rule set, it will be adventure-only (with. no housing) and your character's reputation (good or evil) will make more of a difference there (Hill gives an example of evil characters being more likely to be attacked by "good" monsters). Hill won't give much detail about the new world's fiction. "We don't want to give that way before launch-that would spoil the fun." He will divulge that there are 13 new monsters for the new land mass, some of which are the "good" monsters and others designed to fit the theme of the new land.

    Origin is expecting most people to want to upgrade to this new edition. "[Third Dawn] is still Ultima Online," explains Hall, "[but] it has a newer look and feel as well as a new land to explore, new monsters to fight, a few new items, and quite a number of behind-the-scenes improvements." He points out that the game is reaching new players every month, and that this trend will only be accelerated with the launch of this expansion.

    For existing players who either elect not to upgrade or do not possess machines powerful enough for the technological enhancement, the 2D and 3D versions of the game will coexist; the look of the game on their own machine will be different for each player. Hall says that making the two versions work together wasn't really difficult at all. "Third Dawn represents a much larger change to the client than to the server." He also says the new 3D version shouldn't introduce any more lag into the game. "In fact, we're incorporating some new features to the network coding to reduce the effects [of lag]."

    According to Hall, Third Dawn will include more than 700 motion-captured animations (including gestures for conversation) and hundreds of different character models. Also new is a particle system to render magic and other special effects. It will be require a 3D accelerator for the 3D client, though Hall points out that the minimum system requires are expected to be "pretty modest."

    The game has proven quite popular in Japan and Korea, so the upgrade also adds samurai-looking weapons and armor (though they will not be limited to those regions; that particular design aesthetic is popular with gamers throughout the world). Rounding out the new features is an overhauled music and sound system, which according to Hall was upgraded solely for aesthetic reasons. "We just felt that some of the sound effects could be more in-character with the monsters or actions that they represent, so we thought we'd take this opportunity to replace the weaker ones." The game's music is still MIDI-based, but the game is designed with music zones, allowing it to change depending on the context. "Since we're adding in the new adventuring land, it will have its own new music theme."

    As with Ultima Online: The Second Age, the upgrade will be offered for sale in stores at a full-price for new players and will be available as a download or on CD (with a nominal charge to cover shipping and handling). The beta will also be available for purchase, with a cost around $4.95 to cover shipping and handling, and it will automatically be patched to the full version of the game when it's complete.

    by Steve Bauman

    Posted by Keith at 11:39 PM

    November 8, 2000

    OSI: Publish Update, November 9th

    The following was just posted to FYI on the Uo.com website:

    Publish Update, November 9th

    We will be publishing overland spawn changes to the Great Lakes shard on Wednesday, November 8th. These changes will affect the creature spawn outside dungeons and will be active on the shard following its next scheduled maintenance period, or any downtime.

    We will monitor the Great Lakes shard for any issues that may arise, and will continue to publish these changes to the remaining shards as soon as possible.

    Posted by Keith at 11:17 PM

    OSI: Traceroutes and Technical Support

    The following was just posted to FYI on the UO.com website:

    Traceroutes and Technical Support

    Ultima Online is an ever-changing game and from time to time you may experience technical difficulties that require helpful intervention. In most cases, these situations will require either contacting Technical Support, or sending us a traceroute of your connection to your regular game server. Sending the correct information through the correct channels greatly improves the speed at which we may address your technical issues.

    Technical Support should be contacted when you are experiencing problems specifically with your game software, such as display problems, error messages, or inability to successfully install or run Ultima Online. Ultima Online Technical Support is available from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM CST daily at (804) 963-8577 (Press option #2 from main menu). You may also email technical support questions using the form located on our contacts page.

    Occasionally, you may experience difficulties connecting or maintaining a connection to a server, or experience latency issues that cause your gameplay to be slower than normal. In these cases, we recommend that you review the troubleshooting suggestions at http://support.uo.com/tech_0.html. Should these suggestions fail to resolve your connection difficulties, we recommend sending a traceroute (a log tracing the path of information from your computer to the UO server) to uotrace@uo.com. We have available a small program, called UOTrace, that allows you to easily trace the routes to all of the Ultima Online servers. Once these traceroutes have been forwarded to us, our network team will analyze them for any significant issues that are within our control.

    Posted by Keith at 5:29 PM

    OSI: Catskills Faction Test

    The following was just posted to FYI on the UO.com website:

    Catskills Faction Test

    Backup issues have required that we refrain from using a Sonoma backup for faction testing at this time. We have restored a backup of the Catskills shard to a test shard and will be opening the shard as "Cats Factions" later today. We urge all Catskills players and others to stop by and join this final testing of the Faction System. Your assistance will allow us to speed the testing process and bring the Faction System to launch as quickly as possible.

    Posted by Keith at 5:26 PM

    Mendur Marris' Daughter Missing

    Last night Mendur Marris met with some people from Golden and Heaven's Forge. He had wanted to speak to us about trade routes, but quickly told us that his daughter, Aireen, had been kidnapped. He told us about how an ex clerk of his named, Paburt, had kidnapped her and he asked for our help to get her back. He told us that Paburt was often seen in Vesper (Felucca) at the pub there. We all agreed to help Mendur and gathered our group to head to Vesper.

    Once we found the pub at Vesper we spoke with Tanya the barkeeper. After explaining our plight, she told us about a man who bragged about having an uncle that was the Fisherman's Guildmaster. She couldn't tell us anything more, so we searched for the Fisherman's Guildhouse in Vesper.

    At the Guildhouse we met with Treben, who was the Guildmaster there. At first he claimed he didn't know anyone by the name of Paburt, but soon enough he admitted that Paburt was his nephew. He told us that Paburt felt he was being set up, that he hadn't done anything. Treben made us all pledge not to hurt Paburt for information on how to find him. After we all pledged to keep Paburt safe, Treben told us he was hiding at the graveyard outside of Vesper. We thanked Treben for the information and raced off to the graveyard.

    Activity was high in the graveyard. We saw Paburt, but he was running around yelling for us to help him. All sort of undead began attacking us. Everything from zombies to lich lords, and even a bone knight that seemed to be particularly strong. Eventually we beat back the evil that had attacked us and were able to speak with Paburt.

    Paburt told us he hadn't seen Aireen and he was rather upset about it. It explained that they often spoke (and actually gave us the impression they might be sweet on each other), and that their closeness upset Mendur. He also told us that Mendur had accused him of stealing some gold from the company, but he had not. We could tell by his distress that he was indeed telling us the truth. He then suggested we speak with a merchant by the name of Flenniel Loak. Unfortunately, Flenniel was out on business and wouldn't be back for a week. Paburt told us he'd get a message to Flenniel to meet us at the Golden Brew next Tuesday (11/14) at 7pm PST so we could speak to him. Paburt felt that Flenniel might know Aireen better than anyone, other than her fianc�e, Eilis, who has passed away.

    We escorted Paburt safely to Vesper, then made our way back to golden to speak with Mendur. We convinced him of Paburt's innocence and discussed other possible suspects. He explained that only Paburt had access to the money, but it seemed to us that actually other merchants might have the opportunity to get to the money. Also we were curious to hear more about his good friend Amon. Amon is very wealthy, and rather old. He also would love to marry Aireen. We asked Mendur if Amon could have had anything to do with the kidnapping, but he said there was no way that could be possible. It was late by that time, so we all said goodnight and agreed to meet next week.

    Talking amongst ourselves however, many of us thing that Amon may not be as innocent as he seems. If Aireen has fallen for Paburt, perhaps Amon is jealous and trying to frame Paburt.

    Hopefully next week we'll find out more information and discover who is behind this horrible crime.

    Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 10:46 AM

    Feluccian Wedding

    A few days previous, two Baja citizens were married in a wedding chapel located on the southern side of the Avalon Peninsula. Gwenyth and Bible Thumper took their oaths in front of a large group of friends and guildmates while Counselor Anastasiia presented the vows.

    Baja Wedding!

    Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 12:44 AM

    Opening of Baja Community Training Centre (Trammel)

    Location: Baja CTC at 71o 58S 35o 43E Trammel
    Date/Time: Nov 15 2000 -- 12am PDT-4:00pm PDT

    The Baja Community Training Center will offer 9 'Majors' and about 60-65 total classes, all taught by instructors who are masters of their trade, art, or skill from various guilds within the Baja community. We will also be offering an IDP (Individual Development Plan) program for Newbies and Veterans alike for specific skill training. Come by and view the facility, meet with the instructors, ask questions, and pre-register for classes starting in January!

    The Centre is located on the outskirts of the Swamp north of Trinsic. ICQ 19095172 if you need specific directions.

    Jiro Settsuoshima

    Posted by Thellaren at 12:32 AM

    OSI: Siege Perilous, Sonoma, and Factions

    The following was just posted to FYI on the UO.com website:

    Siege Perilous, Sonoma, and Factions

    We will not be shipping the Faction System to Siege Perilous this week. We have decided to run the system through a couple of production shard backups before releasing this to Siege Perilous or any other shards for additional system and load testing. We will be placing a recent backup of the Sonoma shard to a test server late tonight, to be available for play beginning tomorrow, and we strongly urge everyone from Sonoma and other shards to stop by and join in the final testing of this large and complex system. Your assistance and participation in these final beta tests of the Faction System are critical to its successful launch.

    We are currently targeting to publish the Faction System to the Sonoma and Siege Perilous shards early next week. A detailed schedule will be posted as soon as the publish date is confirmed.

    Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 12:31 AM

    Fight Until You Drop Tournament (Felucca)

    Hello Baja,

    On November 12th @ 8:00 P.M. PDT I will be hosting a "Fight until You Drop" contest. Mages and Dexers are welcome to attend for a chance to win 55% of total money from entrey fees. Entry fee will be 15k each player. You will be able to reach this event only one way -- On the West Side of Moonglow (felucca) armory. I'll have two friends offering gates to all that want to participate. Hopefully this will help us with security issues that may arise. I will have a security team of high level mages on site. Looters will be killed on sight. Please come to sign up early. We are expecting at least 45 players to be attending. If you can't play nice please stay home. Thank you and I wish you the best of luck. Only one will survive but fun will be had by all.

    The rules are of the following:

    1.no tamed animals (No horses allowed)
    2.all potions, any kind, as many
    3.no looting
    4.no magic armor or weapons
    5.Tell all your friends about the tournament

    We're gating out of Britian and Moonglow (Felucca). If you think you're Britannia's best, dont hold back!

    Bilbo Baggins
    ICQ # 44454152

    Posted by Thellaren at 12:25 AM

    November 7, 2000

    Baja's Toughest Man Contest (Felucca)

    Location: Lord Britishes Castle in Felucca
    Time: Nov 9 2000 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

    Come test your strength and ability against all other combatants to see who is the ultimate fighter of baja. It will be a battle royal over who is the toughest combatant in Baja, any type character is allowed. No magic weapons. Deadly poison is legal as is magery. Make sure you register before you begin the battle. There is a fee it is only 1000 gold so anyone should be able to enter.


    Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 11:51 PM

    New Public Treasuremap Rune Library (Trammel)

    I've made my collection of runebooks that have every treasuremap spot in Trammel marked available for public use. Not sure if there was a library like this already, but if so here's another one. You'll find it on the top floor of my log cabin at 152:29S 62:43E. (Along the shores south of Trinsic)

    Cypress of Baja [THB]

    Posted by Thellaren at 3:06 PM

    November 6, 2000

    Another visit from Mendur Marris (Felucca)

    Our good friend Mendur Marris stopped by the Dawn Mage Tower again last night. He spoke for a bit on trade caravan's to Yew from Britain as well as the city of Yew itself. Then the conversation turned to trading in general and about the City of Dawn. After a bit he spoke of his daughter. He told us of her disappearance and concerns for her saftey.

    After what seemed to be endless hours of pleasant coversation he had to return to his home. Before he left he gave me a small warning. He said ealier he passed a large orc in shadow armor of what he believed to be "exceptional quaility". He then said he saw 2 more in oddly colored armor for orcs. Explaining they looked much greater and powerful then other orcs, he warned to watch for them. Saying his final farewell he disappeared into the night.

    Guildmaster, DOM

    Posted by Thellaren at 11:55 PM

    OSI: Seeking Stories of Real Life Meetings

    The following was posted to the FYI section of the Ultima Online web site:

    Seeking Stories of Real Life Meetings

    As the World Faire approaches, many of us will get a chance to meet, for the first time, people with whom we have devloped friendships inside the world of Britannia. Have you ever made a friend in the real world through Ultima Online? If so, we want to hear your story. Send an e-mail to uo-profiles@uo.com by Friday, November 14th. Please be sure your story falls between 500-1000 words, and include "Meeting a Friend Online" in your subject line. Please provide a name and phone number for verification of the story. Submissions to "uo-profiles" become the property of OSI and may be used for special events, promotions, and/or advertising. All submissions must be made by the original author and are subject to verification.

    Posted by Keith at 5:44 PM

    OSI: Reminder about monster blocking

    The following was posted to the FYI section of the Ultima Online web site:

    Reminder about monster blocking

    As a reminder to the players, "monster blocking" is considered to be an exploit and can result in GM intervention. Monster Blocking is defined as using items such as boxes or chests to block a monster or player into, or out of, a certain area thus allowing for easier combat. For more information on this topic, please refer to the Support Pages at support.uo.com. Thank you.

    Posted by Keith at 5:40 PM

    Tribute to all Guild Masters from RoR

    In the lands of Britannia with its many people, several have chosen to live within certain groups or guilds. This choice brings several opportunities and responsibilities but in large part the responsibilities fall to the select few who would lead such groups (the Guild Masters).

    The men and women who carry the mantle of leadership here face a burden from which most would shrink. Some fail, most get by and a very few take their guild to the peaks of success. In every case however these folk do outstanding work in our community and deserve our deepest bows and gratitude.

    With the variety of age, experience, maturity and goals our citizens possess, leading such a group and maintaining a common purpose is a daunting task. To this must be added the drain such an effort takes on a Guild Master's own time and enjoyment for life in this land.

    We who have been here a while, see guilds come and go. We watch the UO records of such things and see guilds grow and shrink or disappear. For the most part nothing much is thought about it except for the folk in individual guilds appreciation of their own situation. There are exceptions and one in particular is worthy of note.

    The Rangers of the Realm (RoR) began a short time ago (about a year). Under the leadership of Adian O�Rourke a small band of four found a common purpose and a friendship was formed. This friendship and purpose became infectious and good folk were soon attracted to the group.

    It was amazing to watch as RoR climbed steadily through the ranks to become Baja�s largest guild. This was possible solely through the steadfast efforts of Adian O�Rourke and holding to standards that were fair and clearly stated.

    Everyone who became a member of RoR was made to feel special. The spirit of �family� ran high. Loyalty and trust within the group could maybe be matched but never surpassed.

    The Rangers of the Realm had purpose and a storyline with goals but hidden in the layers of this was the realization that friendships formed here were tangible and the true prize.

    We are unable to imagine the hours each day that Adian exhausted for the good of RoR. Never did a member find himself in trouble that Adian would not appear to save the day. Never did a member falter without Adian�s hand appearing to hold him up again. Never did we wonder who we were, where we were going or how it would be accomplished.

    Adian O�Rourke is a magnificent person. He would be the last to accept this and that is part of his greatness. He has taken down the RoR stone now that has RoR achieved its purpose and we applaud him greatly. Through him we can appreciate the task of all Guild Masters in the land.

    The Rangers of the Realm (RoR) are now gone (Vanished into the night) yet their is little sadness within the folk of RoR. The spirit that Adian brought to us and shared is a thing we hold dear. It is self sustaining and will surely spread as we go our separate ways.

    Some of us will form guilds and others will find new families. In all of this the work of one great Guild Master will prevail to grow in other families. None of us will ever again accept less and all will strive for more or as grand.

    Tributes to RoR have found their way onto the RoR board from respected guilds throughout the land. They too have been influenced in many ways by the example of RoR. We wish greatness to them all and offer our highest praise to the men and women who will lead them on their way.

    From RoR, one last battle cry - RAWRR!

    [I am sad to hear about this latest news, but want to congratulate you Rangers on all you've accomplished. -Nobody]

    Posted by Keith at 12:28 AM

    November 5, 2000

    UORudder 3.0 Released & hosted at uo.stratics.com

    I am pleased to announce that UORudder 3.0 has now been released.

    UORudder 3.0 includes a new feature sure to make your sailing trips much more fun and productive. The "Rotate with Ship" feature now give you the choice of navigating to original way of up=forward and down=backward, or a new dynamic method that regardless of what direction you are facing you can click the direction you want to go, and UORudder will pick the appropriate command and send you on your way. It is the end of turning your head sideways to figure out what button to push to go where you want to go.

    All the features you have come to love from UORudder are included in UORudder 3.0 FREE OF CHARGE. The new "rotate" feature however will only work for 15 days. After that you will need to register the program to have access to the feature. Registration is only $6.00.

    In related news, The fine folks at http://uo.stratics.com are now the hosts of UORudder, UOTamer and UOHomeOwner. Players can now point their browsers to http://uo.stratics.com/tools and have access to all the program thatI have written.

    UORudder along with all the other programs I write do not touch the datastream. They mearly simulate your keyboard and type in commands for you. These programs are not UOPro but do meet the spirit of the UOPro program. They give no advantage only provide you with a convienent way to manage your boating or taming macros.

    For more information please contact me at dougp@nt.sympatico.ca

    Posted by Keith at 11:46 AM

    November 3, 2000

    OSI: Faction System Murderer Reprieve

    The following was just posted to In Development on the UO.com website:

    Faction System Murderer Reprieve

    The faction murder reprieve will be a one-time reduction in the various types of murder counts that a murderer may have accumulated. This reprieve will be given only when a murderer who has not previously received a faction-related reprieve first joins a faction. The reprieve will carry the consequence of regaining all of your prior murder counts should the character become labeled as a murderer once again (i.e.: they get 5 or more short-term counts). This reprieve will only be offered for one month after it is published, after which the reprieve code will be disabled.

    To get the reprieve, the murder must join the faction (as described in the faction system document) through the faction stone. Note this means murderers will not be able to join the Council of Mages or True Britannians factions unless they are part of a guild whose guild leader is able to get to the faction stone and join the faction.

    Murders who have more than five short-term or long-term murder counts who receive a reprieve will be set to four short-term and long-term murder counts and automatically become "blue". Murderers whose "ping-pong" counter is 4 or greater will have that counter set to four. The system will retain the previous short-term, long-term, and ping-pong for these characters and should a reprieved murderer become a murder again, all of these counts will be set to their original numbers.

    Posted by Keith at 11:11 PM

    OSI: Siege Perilous Downtime and the Faction System

    The following was just posted to FYI on the UO.com website:

    Siege Perilous Downtime and the Faction System

    We will be bringing the Siege Perilous shard down this afternoon (CST) in order to remove the Rate over Time (RoT) skill gain system as currently detailed in Testing for Next Update. Other changes to the Siege Perilous shard (such as those listed in In Concept) will be published at a later date.

    In addition, we are currently targeting early next week to publish the Faction System to Siege Perilous. We will then monitor the shard for approximately one week. If all goes well, we will publish the system to the other shards. A detailed announcement will be made to this section of the site once the publish date is confirmed.

    Posted by Keith at 5:19 PM

    November 2, 2000

    My Resignation as Prime Minister.

    Prime Minister Reiko posted the following official notice here, on the Avalon Public Forum:

    My Resignation as Prime Minister.
    My Friends,
    As much as I wish I wouldn't be typing this to you, I must. As most of you have seen I have been away from UO for a while, not getting much time to play, or even to talk to most of you. As of the now the Prime Minister spot is once again vacant. I am not doing anyting for the city of Avalon. My goal was to come and help this city. In perspective, I have done nothing. None of you did anything to make me leave, as a matter of fact, you are the best UO players I have ever met in my time. You all have been very wonderful to me and I wish to thank all of you for that. Nobody, Dane, Jixxa, BlindHawk, Gil, Shard, Claude a special thnaks to all of you for making me feel welcme in the city. I will be moving all of my items out of the small tower I occupied, and Jixxa once again will have ownership. I hope the fair city of Avalon will flourish once again soon. I will be around to say hi every chnace I get. You all have been wonderful, my dream was to be the PM of Avalon. YOU all made it happen. Thank you all, I mean it.

    Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

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