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October 23, 2000

Avalon Hosting Halloween Party!!!

Reiko, Prime Minister of Avalon, posted the following on the Avalon Public Forum:

Avalon Hosting Halloween Party!!!
Hail People of Sosaria!
The City of Avalon will be hosting a Halloween party Saturday, October 28. I invite all to meet at the Avalon Town Hall (Feluccia) to start the evening, with a "Best Costume Contest. The categories are as follows.
The judges are:
The Prize for this event will be a check for 20K.
The next events will be a “Trick-or-Treat” session, where you can Trick-or-Treat all over Brittiania and whoever brings back the most goodies wins the Prize of 20K.
After that, A “Ghost Story Telling” Contest will begin. On the roof of the Avalon Town Hall, everyone and anyone can compete. Rules are:
Then the party will hot the Dead Dove Tavern for some Halloween Ale, and what better place than the Dead Dove! Get scared, get frightened, and get drunk!
As the night come to an end, I will be asking everyone to come to the Avalon Town Hall for a little suprize us Avalonians will be giving.
I hope to have a great crowd on hand, remember, bring your best costume, and be ready to have a great time. All who come will be rewarded in some way!!!
Thanks Everyone!
Prime Minister of Avalon,

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

October 12, 2000

A Festival Was Held Octobre 8th, here are the results!

Avalon's Newest Members
Hall of Champs

In the fury of being whipped with horse tails we have declared a champion horseman!!! On this day we name Puggy II as our winner!!!

For our silly mages and this was a tough one... After much consideration and mind bending we have none other than Cerpicio as our champion!!!!

The bardic story telling again was a hard one... So many wonderful tales... Since we couldn't name Meredith as our winner we chose Scorpio as this festivals champ!!!

The mightiest warrior in the non magic melee, but perhaps it would be more fitting to say warriorette, is Nemesis
For magic melee our champion is Yeager in a well fought round of excitement.
Our final champion, but by far not least, is our archer of the day Billy. He stunned everyone in a grand match!!!

And lastly and perhaps most important is the winner of the Best Bird contest...This goes to Golden's own Ursula!!! *Caw Caw Caw*

One and all and watch for further events!!!
Stay in the know by checking at our message board!

Wish you to have a personal recount of the festival, go to this url:

Posted by Jerk at 12:00 PM

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