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September 12, 2000

Shard wide cooperation has given us the story behind Khaldun!

At your local public library, the notebooks and journals of Tavara Sewel, Grimmoch Drummel and Lysander Gathenwale are on display. They were all in an excavation team, digging out the tomb of Khal Ankur. What happend, and why they are cursed, you can find out by risking your life and going to the dungeon, or take a day trip to the library in Avalon West - not less risky mind you...

I am also happy to be able to display a research journal of late Na-Krul of the Dark Tower. It contains his notes from the experiments and studies he did on the materia Blackrock, the root of much evil in our realm. Considering that the Dark Tower has fallen asleep, and that the current location of the piece of Blackrock they held is unknown, makes this book a must for all adventurers in Britannia!


Jerk, librarian at Avalon Public Library

Posted by Jerk at 12:00 PM

September 8, 2000

Blitz is Back

Hi all,

After an absence of over two years, Blitz is back in UO with the BS&R. So, you may be saying to yourself, "Blitz? Who is Blitz?" I was a very, very, very important member at the beginning of the BS&R. I started it, built it up and then that lousy Nobody took it over. Okay, so that isn't exactly how it went, but that's of little importance. The important thing is that I was there in the beginning and now I'm back. Well... it's important to me.


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September 7, 2000

Our BS&R site now uses Newspro

The Britannia Search & Rescue news page now uses Newspro, a free cgi script that many people now use to manage their news pages. I’ll be working out whatever bugs that may appear, and we’ll see how we can useit to our maximum benefit.

I’ll me making other changes throughout the site, too. Cross your fingers!

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

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