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August 10, 2000

Induction Ceremony for the New Officals.

Avalon's Prime Minister Reiko posted this notice:

Induction Ceremony for the New Officals.
I invite all of Avalon to join in celebration for the induction ceremony of the new Government officals of Avalon. The ceremony will begin promptly at 8pm est time Sunday night, and will end when the last person walks out the doors.
The celebration will take place on the roof of the Avalon town hall. The ceremony will feature all of the officals being sworn in to there rank, and will be given there title.
I will contact certain people to help me with getting everything set up. Please attend and show your support to you new Avalon Government.
Formal attire is in order, and most of all...have a good time!!! I will be looking forward to seeing you there!
Your Prime Minister,

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