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July 15, 2000

Trammel Avalon Outpost

Many well known Avalonians have established an outpost in the lands of Trammel. The location of this outpost is within these co-ordinates

90oN,20oE; 90oN,45oE; 70oN,15oE; 25oN,45oE (approximatly)

And within that area you can find buildings owned by Gil, Jixxa, Shedevil Tempest, Blind Hawk and many other members of Avalon.

Also at the moment many people are busy establishing a Trammel Rune Library and many other needs that shall help out in the world of Trammel. I ask that if anyone has any hard to achieve runes (dungeons, islands, etc.) that they contact me via e-mail.

Scorpio, Guildmaster of The Scorpions, News Scorpion

Posted by Scorpio at July 15, 2000 12:00 PM

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