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July 9, 2000

The Results of yesterday's event...

The following was posted by Scorpio (Blast from the Past Scorpion) on the Avalon Public Forum:

The Results of yesterday's event...
The contest began about 20 minutes late thanks to Pat Factor's death and my Death of Lag. When everything was ready I looked around and was a little shocked at the low attendance but the event still went on.
It started of with Ursula (there I spelt it right) showing off her old and new look and shoting Pat Factor for his "take it off" remark. After Ursula was Shard who showed off his "Knight in Copper armor" look and his Laughing Lunatic gear. Next was Kita Talith who started off with her Pink cape (DOWN JAMES!!!) and studded armor combo to here Pink cape and Valorite armor combo. Then the possibly drunken Blind Hawk (one of the Judges) decided to show him in a resurection robe then his Birthday Suit to recieve a low score of 5 where his vote didn't count (hehe). Next was Crimson Hellkite making a statement with her Bad Girl look then her Nun look, to recive a perfect score of 20 and ultimatley the first place prize winner. And last was Reiko who took a short absence to get his old clothes and return in time to show them off.
In the end these were the Results...
1st-$10,000-Crimson Hellkite
2nd-$5,000-Kita Talith

Mystery Prize-Least Improvment-Full Keg of Greater Heal-Shard

Kita Talith-5,4,4,5-18
Crimson Hellkite-5,5,5,5-20

Posted by Keith at July 9, 2000 12:00 PM

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