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July 18, 2000

Public Announcement ...PLEASE READ

The following notice was posted by Angelica to the Avalon Public Forum:

Public Announcement ...PLEASE READ
Greetings friends and citizen's of Avalon... In the past week we have decided on some changes to the structure of our fair city's government... We have formed a Elder Counsel... This counsel is of past city officials...The Elder Counsel is mainly formed to advise the new city counsel, however there are certain times when the Elders's must be consulted in the city matters. These times mainly are for major changes ie declaring war, giving away a town structure, things of this nature... They have also come up with a list of nominations for the new City Counsel. They are Reiko for Prime Minister. Blade for Minister of the GoA... Dane as Minister of OSI relations. Blind Hawk as Minister of Public Relations. Shedevil Tempest as Minister of Innercity Relations. The members of the Elder Counsel would ask the people at this time to step forward if they wish to run for any of these offices. On Friday of this week we will begin election proceedings and post the results in a timely manner... I thank you for your attention in this matter. And please remember *smiles* We retain the right to make any changes..

Posted by Keith at July 18, 2000 12:00 PM

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