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July 26, 2000

First Mayor of Avalon says hi :)

Mayor Dynamo (Retired) popped into the Avalon Open Forum to leave us this message:

First Mayor of Avalon says hi :)
hello there everyone :)
Now and then I like to pop by and see how everyone is doing!
I'm glad to see Avalon is still running strong, although I don't recognise all the names in the message board any more.
Has it really been two years! I guess it has :) Sometimes it seems more, sometimes less, who can say!
I hope you're all having fun. And I hope OSI provides some suport, they were so slow in providing it during the towns early months :(
Anyway, anyone feel free to drop me a line, I'm not sure I can pop back any time soon and check the board.
Have a good one!
Dynamo - First Mayor Guy

Posted by at July 26, 2000 12:01 PM

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