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July 28, 2000

And the votes have been counted!!!

The following notice was posted by Angelica to the Avalon Open Forum:

And the votes have been counted!!!
It is my most honored pleasure to announce the new counsels of Avalon...
First is the Counsel of Elders
Members are:
Gil of Avalon
Second is the Town Counsel
Reiko - Prime Minister
Blade - Minister of GoA
Dane Alexander - Minister of OSI Relations
Blind Hawk - Minister of Public Relations
Shedevil Tempest - Minister of Innercity Relations
Tis a grand day in our history and I would like to invite everyone to a ceremony tomorrow (Saturday) at the Avalon Town Hall Roof top...

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

July 26, 2000

First Mayor of Avalon says hi :)

Mayor Dynamo (Retired) popped into the Avalon Open Forum to leave us this message:

First Mayor of Avalon says hi :)
hello there everyone :)
Now and then I like to pop by and see how everyone is doing!
I'm glad to see Avalon is still running strong, although I don't recognise all the names in the message board any more.
Has it really been two years! I guess it has :) Sometimes it seems more, sometimes less, who can say!
I hope you're all having fun. And I hope OSI provides some suport, they were so slow in providing it during the towns early months :(
Anyway, anyone feel free to drop me a line, I'm not sure I can pop back any time soon and check the board.
Have a good one!
Dynamo - First Mayor Guy

Posted by Keith at 12:01 PM

Avalon Guard

Blade posted the following message to the Avalon Public Forum:/p>

Avalon Guard
Avalon is need of help..... So are a lot of "youngs"..... The Guard needs to be restored to make Avalon a safe place for all to live & prosper. I come to you with a solution. A school of sorts has been opened to help with the development of youngs. Not only for them but for Avalon. Training in all necessary skills is provided with the hope that "the cream of the crop" will join Guard. Food, weapons,regs, free...... The future of our fair city rests with thee Citizens of Avalon. Will we stand idly by & watch our future pass us by? Or shall we stand tall & proud? The choice is yours. As is the future of Avalon.......

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

July 18, 2000

Public Announcement ...PLEASE READ

The following notice was posted by Angelica to the Avalon Public Forum:

Public Announcement ...PLEASE READ
Greetings friends and citizen's of Avalon... In the past week we have decided on some changes to the structure of our fair city's government... We have formed a Elder Counsel... This counsel is of past city officials...The Elder Counsel is mainly formed to advise the new city counsel, however there are certain times when the Elders's must be consulted in the city matters. These times mainly are for major changes ie declaring war, giving away a town structure, things of this nature... They have also come up with a list of nominations for the new City Counsel. They are Reiko for Prime Minister. Blade for Minister of the GoA... Dane as Minister of OSI relations. Blind Hawk as Minister of Public Relations. Shedevil Tempest as Minister of Innercity Relations. The members of the Elder Counsel would ask the people at this time to step forward if they wish to run for any of these offices. On Friday of this week we will begin election proceedings and post the results in a timely manner... I thank you for your attention in this matter. And please remember *smiles* We retain the right to make any changes..

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

July 15, 2000

Trammel Avalon Outpost

Many well known Avalonians have established an outpost in the lands of Trammel. The location of this outpost is within these co-ordinates

90oN,20oE; 90oN,45oE; 70oN,15oE; 25oN,45oE (approximatly)

And within that area you can find buildings owned by Gil, Jixxa, Shedevil Tempest, Blind Hawk and many other members of Avalon.

Also at the moment many people are busy establishing a Trammel Rune Library and many other needs that shall help out in the world of Trammel. I ask that if anyone has any hard to achieve runes (dungeons, islands, etc.) that they contact me via e-mail.

Scorpio, Guildmaster of The Scorpions, News Scorpion

Posted by Scorpio at 12:00 PM

July 11, 2000

New title added to the Library!

After a marathon in scribing, not only by the library scribes Leonard and Fizik, but also by the scribes at Ocllo public library, the epic story of a son's return is available at the Avalon Public Library. The title of this ten tome literary giant is Phoenix Rising, and was written, or rather composed, by Blind Hawk.

The scribes all now were their right arm in a sling, and are sent to the beaches of Nujelm, for a speedy recovery.

*deep bow*

Jerk, Librarian, APL, CoA

Posted by Jerk at 12:00 PM

July 9, 2000

The Results of yesterday's event...

The following was posted by Scorpio (Blast from the Past Scorpion) on the Avalon Public Forum:

The Results of yesterday's event...
The contest began about 20 minutes late thanks to Pat Factor's death and my Death of Lag. When everything was ready I looked around and was a little shocked at the low attendance but the event still went on.
It started of with Ursula (there I spelt it right) showing off her old and new look and shoting Pat Factor for his "take it off" remark. After Ursula was Shard who showed off his "Knight in Copper armor" look and his Laughing Lunatic gear. Next was Kita Talith who started off with her Pink cape (DOWN JAMES!!!) and studded armor combo to here Pink cape and Valorite armor combo. Then the possibly drunken Blind Hawk (one of the Judges) decided to show him in a resurection robe then his Birthday Suit to recieve a low score of 5 where his vote didn't count (hehe). Next was Crimson Hellkite making a statement with her Bad Girl look then her Nun look, to recive a perfect score of 20 and ultimatley the first place prize winner. And last was Reiko who took a short absence to get his old clothes and return in time to show them off.
In the end these were the Results...
1st-$10,000-Crimson Hellkite
2nd-$5,000-Kita Talith

Mystery Prize-Least Improvment-Full Keg of Greater Heal-Shard

Kita Talith-5,4,4,5-18
Crimson Hellkite-5,5,5,5-20

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

July 5, 2000

Attention!!! The Blast from the Past Event...

I read the following on the Avalon Public Forum, posted by Scorpio (The Blast from the Past Scorpion):

Attention!!! The Blast from the Past Event...
Shall be held on Saturday at 4:00PM Pacific (7:00PM Eastern) at the Avalon Town Hall. The prizes for the winners are as follows.
  • 1st Place-10,000 gp
  • 2nd place-5,000 gp
  • 3rd place-1,000 gp
  • and a Special Bonus Prize catagory.
The Judges are as follows; Scorpio, Everclear, Pat Factor and Blind Hawk. Seeing as he are either young characters or just haven't changed much.
All are welcome to enter in the competition, and I hope to see a high attendance at the Event.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

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