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June 20, 2000

Happy Birthday, Avalon!

Avalon celebrates it's second anniversary today, June 20th. Avalon, recently spotlighted on www.uo.com, is a player-city on Ultima Online's Baja Shard.

Originally formed as an alternative to the rule of Lord British, the city has gone through many changes in the past 24 months. It's been host to player- and seer-quests, wars (both planned and oppressive), theme guilds, weddings, contests, and the near-overwhelming recent increase in the monster population. Avalon also boasts several GM-enhanced "Blessed" structures, including the Avalon "Lucina Juno Town Hall", Ring of Champions arena, and Dead Dove Tavern.

The "City of Destiny" is located west of the Dungeon Wrong, on the Felucca facet. For a map or more information about Avalon, please go to http://avaloncity.cjb.net. Questions about the Commissary should be directed to ministers@avaloncity.cjb.net.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

June 19, 2000

*clears throat* I'm havin' a contest in honor of Avalon

The following notice was submitted by Drekk of Avalon

it bein' the city's birthday next week an' all. So here's the deal: ye write down yer favorite good memory or story havin' to do with Avalon an' email it to me. I'll read 'em, an' award prizes of 5000 gold for the funniest, silliest, tear-jerkingest, and whatever-else-est I feel like. I am the only judge an' my judgement is entirely subjective, if I like the memory ye send I'll probably give ye a prize of somethin'-or-other an' I think I'll post 'em here, if ye wouldn't mind it, ones that I don't like I'll circ'lar file. I don't wanna read anything depressing or that'll make me cranky, ye all understand? I'm already depressed enough, an' this is supposed to be a happy occasion...let's not bicker and arg...er, forget that bit.
Just so we're all clear:
Submit a memory, story, or event summary having to do with a good Avalon memory. Send 'em to me by email to my late Queen, Riena@uoavalon.dhs.org. Deadline is June 20th, 6pm pacific.

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June 18, 2000

Avalon Web Site’s News Options Updated

If you'll look to the navigation area on the left, you'll see the "News" section has become "Local News", the "Local Archives" is now an active link, and that "Freeborn Press" has been included.

The "Local News" section involves Avalon-only information (which, from me, is often information on the Avalon Web site updates), and incorporates NewsPro. NewsPro is a cgi script that, if all goes well, will allow the Ministers and similar event managers involved in Avalon the ability to post their own news articles.

The "Local Archive" includes all the news in this iteration of the Avalon Web site up to just prior to the usage of NewsPro.

The "Freeborn Press" link will bring that Baja news site into the main frame, that those readers interested in Avalon may also gain convenient insight into other news of the Baja Shard.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

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