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February 13, 1999

EverQuest in testing

As you probably already know most of the BS&R news lately is of the “transient” variety, that is to say it is of the type that does not have lasting impact. As such BS&R news can pretty much be disseminated effectively by only using the Message Board. Well, EverQuest is up to its Phase 4 of the Beta test, and PapaMan and Calvin aren’t the only ones who have it now.

Some Members, especially PapaMan, want to spread the BS&R out into other games. “Wonderful!” sayeth I. Relating this to EverQuest: there’s only going to be a certain finite number of guilds allowed in the game, with each accepted official guild having to have a minimum of 10 members. We need to know which BS&R Members play EverQuest, and then we can get the ball rolling on becoming official for EQ.

Posted by Keith at February 13, 1999 12:00 PM

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