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December 23, 1998

Holiday Feast

Pfft. And you thought I forgot about our Holiday Feast. I’m thinking next Monday night, December 28th, at 8pm Pacific Time. The location is the BS&R Smithy, located just north of the cemetery in the swamps north of Trinsic. I expect it to be a small, quaint gathering. BYOB. :]

I hope to swear in our latest Member, Lucina Juno of Avalon (in fact, in charge of the Avalon Merchant Cooperative) at this time. It’s likely that some Avalonians will be there as well. It’s just a big barbecuing mixer.

BUT, that’s not all. I’ll be Friending all BS&R Members to this “Operations Center,” as per the new Ultima Online house rules. (More on that on the AMC site on which I work.).

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December 9, 1998

Blah, blah

While I was accepted into the phase 4 of their Beta test, I haven’t heard from the EverQuest people yet about when I will get my CD. In the meantime I have to hear PapaMan, Calvin, and some others gloating about their good fortune and my laziness in sending in the application. :]

I’ve helped set up the Avalon Merchant Cooperative (AMC). It’s going to have a Commissary—a large brick building (donated by Legolos) which will be a Vendor market. Ultimax has declared himself the Commissar of Avalon’s merchant mall, and is working on his IDing skills.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

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