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October 8, 1998

Updated my Avalon Proposal

Why is the player city of Avalon important to me? Because I see it as important to the Shard. I have a broad scope in mind, and I see Avalon as the best way to help develop Baja into a Shard more condusive to massive multi-playe Events. Be they role-playing, combat contests, or arbitration between Baja’s comminities, I see Avalon as a simple means toward a an end more productive for us all.

I have been spending a lot of my time there and, yes, I’ve let slip some of my BS&R duties. I’ve created a new government structure for Avalon, and their leaders like it and may actually implement it, and soon.

The BS&R is important in my vision, and I’m not just talking general. You ask for specifics? Fine—check out the latest update I did with regard to Meeting Protocols. You may recognize some of the ideas I nearly blatantly lifted from something Argon suggested for the BS&R oh, so long ago. The site itself is at www.hurm.com/avalon/.

Search & Rescue. Something basic and needed. I like to think my focus has not has not changed, but expanded. I’m looking to help, not just small groups of newbies, those who are lagged, weak, or foolish, or even each other. I’m looking to help the entire Shard, to plan ahead, to prevent more than damage control, and to prosper. I’m crossing my fingers that this’ll happen.

PS: For those of you who were wondering, we never had the in-game funerals for PapaMan and Fiatofa characters. I guess it’s not going to happen.

PPS: I can’t get UOX nor FUSE to work now. I wish I knew how to program.

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