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October 10, 1998

2 Things with Avalon

Sure, more of a personal note, but here’s some news about me.

A couple of weeks ago Avalon asked me to help them by being their assistant Events guys. I was a little surprised, but maybe I can squeak out one or two fun things in the month that I gave myself to “put up or shut up.” Anyone who has an idea and/or wants to contribute please drop me an e-mail or ICQ message.

The other thing about Avalon is actually a two-parter. The first part concern’s Lucina Juno, head of Avalon’s supplies, resources, and Vendors. She’s formed the Avalon Merchant Cooperative and I’m going to help her. To this end I have taken over the Avalon Town Hall front door (key) Vendor. I’m compiling information about Vendors and services based in Avalon, will create a web directory using this information—and connecting it to a map of Avalon). I’m going to create the AMC web page as well, at www.hurm.com/amc/.

(Oh, and I also accidentally broke some links when I did the web revisions. When you come across them please let me know, and you can use the easy forms to do it, too.

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