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September 12, 1998

The BS&R web site revisions preview

For those of you who enjoy watching me remake my websites you are in luck! Check out what will be the next layout for the BS&R web site by clicking here. Tell your friends! But, don’t show them. Just taunt them a little...you know, like “nyah nyah! I’ve seen the new BS&R web site and you haven’t!”

And if you see anything that needs a’fixin’, don’t be shy about telling me. Like those pesky links that are out of date. This is going to become a portfolio piece, so be harsh. Be cruel. Make me cry like the sissy I am. I want this thing to sing, baby.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

September 8, 1998


The Funeral
Funeral plans still in the works for PapaMan and Fiatofa. I’d like to work it so that at least one of the deceased can, um, be there, er, in spirit. :]

I’m still playing with UOX. I had a problem with it, but I guess the World File got screwed up. I got UOX working again, but have to remake the world. Maybe that’s just as well, because there was some weird lag-thing going on at the end, but isn’t there anymore.

I call my “Shard” Nissequogue, and it helps support my web site creation addiction. How? Well, take a look here. Will it be a public Shard? No. It’ll be only for BS&R Members and their guests. Eventually we’ll have to keep in mind that, while UOX may support up to 32 people playing at a time, my computer will not. (Although a new video card and ISP may fix that problem.)

Web Update
I’m going to update the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild web site to allow for a broader base of gamers. It seems inevitable that, at some point, the BS&R will expand out from Ultima Online to other multi-player internet games.

My current vision is this: a main area that appeals to all active, inactive, and potential BS&R members, as well as those who are “just visiting.” I’ll create a page within this area that describes the Virtues, specifically for those people who aren’t familiar with the Ultima mythology.

Much simpler secondary areas will be developed, perhaps even only as simple as a Message Board and Events & Screenshot page(s) for each game, although a related Members page would probably also be handy. I’m going to take out the Villains page. It’s not really relevant anymore, and maybe never has been for a “search & rescue” team.

If anyone has any suggestions or comments on what you would like to see (or not see) on the BS&R web site, please tell me now before I go overboard (again). Things I want to know, for instance, are: should the background be darker? Lighter? No texture in background? Too many oranges? Too few? :] Certain color combinations don’t work on your monitor? Certain fonts or layouts come out all screwy on your browser? Send an e-mail to Nobody at nobody@hurm.com, or even leave a message on the Message Board in the posting section.

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September 2, 1998

A Plague Sweeps Baja

PapaMan and Fiatofa have been deleted. Somehow the servers, on Baja especially, are fouled up and items, even characters, are being deleted. OSI has no explanation, nor will they make good on their faulty service. In exasperation PapaMan has cancelled his account. Fiatofa remains n the game as a player, but Fiatofa the character is no more. Funeral plans are proceeding for our fallen comrades.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

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