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July 29, 1998


I’ve had some ideas on creating a town pop into my head for quite a while. In fact, I’ve even made a mock-up web page describing most of these ideas. Recently I suggested to the Avalon Council that the Britannia Search & Rescue would like to help them in whatever capacity they need, and I sent them the URL of my Town web page. Heck, if I’m gonna let them in on it, I’m gonna show all of you, too. It’s called Nowheresville, and you can find it here, at www.hurm.com/nowheresville. Give me whatever feedback you like, via nobody@hurm.com.

(Note: it’s not a “BS&R town,” although you may see quite a bit of the BS&R concepts here and there in the Town’s description. My idea was to create a town, not a city, that could be run by anyone in-game.)

Posted by Keith at July 29, 1998 12:01 PM

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