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July 29, 1998


I’ve had some ideas on creating a town pop into my head for quite a while. In fact, I’ve even made a mock-up web page describing most of these ideas. Recently I suggested to the Avalon Council that the Britannia Search & Rescue would like to help them in whatever capacity they need, and I sent them the URL of my Town web page. Heck, if I’m gonna let them in on it, I’m gonna show all of you, too. It’s called Nowheresville, and you can find it here, at www.hurm.com/nowheresville. Give me whatever feedback you like, via nobody@hurm.com.

(Note: it’s not a “BS&R town,” although you may see quite a bit of the BS&R concepts here and there in the Town’s description. My idea was to create a town, not a city, that could be run by anyone in-game.)

Posted by Keith at 12:01 PM

I just picked up the BS&R T-shirts

The shirts are in and, you know what? I kinda like ’em :]. I’m kinda booked until early next week, which is when I’ll be able to start mailing them out. I guess everyone should get them by the end of next week—of if the mail is really slow, then at the beginning of the following week.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

July 23, 1998

Are YOU an Active BS&R Member?

Okee doke, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. Just got onto an upgraded web server and will probably switch to a really fast one soon. Brought in a few new members, check out the Members Page for their names and ICQ UINs. I figure we should have a party soon, and I’m thinking to maybe have it in the Player Town of Avalon (located West of the Dungeon Wrong, along the bay coast).

While I was on the Members Page I was sorting through who is Active and who isn’t. I think I got this stuff up to date, but if you know of someone who quit Ultima Online please tell me, so I can keep everyone up to date.

For those of you who may keep track I count 38 Active Members (12 Charter Members and 26 additional) out of 60. Even if I am 20% off then more than half of us are still Active, with more still coming in—Since August 1997. I wonder how many other guilds can claim such loyalty? Thanks; all of you who are still in the BS&R make me feel really cool. Tee! Okay, go back to what you were doing. Don’t forget to go offline once in a while. I know I do—how else could I make the phone call to get the t-shirts? :]

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

Calvin appointed Shard Leader of Crow River

I got accepted into the Crow River Beta Test,  if I can actually get onto it when it’s not down :] . I have already told Calvin that I already consider him the Shard Leader of Crow River, since he was already there and keeping me up to date. Nicodemus and Calvin are already spreading the BS&R ethics there. I will be helping them set up a Britannia Search & Rescue Chapter there in whatever way I can.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

July 22, 1998

BS&R T-Shirts Designed

Still waiting for the t-shirts. Not much of an update, sorry. :]

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

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