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June 22, 1998

We’ve Been Formally Invited to VIRTUE FEST ’98!

BoB’s a new and eager member of the Britannia Search & Rescue, and he’s based on the Lake Superior Shard. An ally of his is Eric the Red, of the Nox Ordo guild (http://ultima.noxordo.com). They are having Virtue Fest ’98 on July 5th, in Nujel’m on Lake Superior.

If you don’t already have a Lake Superior character, make up a newbie with the same name & look as your BS&R guy. I’m sure someone will buy a dye tub and start helping everyone turn into pupmkins.

Eric the Red said that is we need transportation to the Fest that we can show up in the Britain Artists’ Guild and be Gated by him and his buddies to Nujel’m.

Why go? Several purposes:

Date: July 5th
Time: 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET
Location: Nujel’m (or meet at Britain’s Artists’ Guild for Gate)
Shard: Lake Superior

Don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes! Let’s spread the Dance of Joy to Lake Superior! (I was near Minoc a couple of weeks ago and saw someone do my dance. How do I know it was the Dance of Joy? The dancer announced it as such! Makes a guildmaster proud. *snif!*)

P.S., I won’t be able to go. Why? My evil boss makes me work every Sunday. >:[  I still would like whoever can go to try and make it, and bring me some screenshots! Hm, I recall still having an old version of UO Screenshot Utility somewhere in the Links area...

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