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June 7, 1998

Ultimax Defends Avalon

Last night Archangel sent out a call for help. The player city of Avalon was under attack. Here’s the ICQ Message.

I just recieved a distress call from the guildmaster of digital party, he is involved in the avalon project- moments ago, a char named panda stole the keys to all the buildings in avalon. apparently the guild that is responsible is now at avalon looting. DP is hiding inside the avalon town hall right now and asks for help- the looters are blue so vortexing is mandatory. All who wish to help, icq me at once.

Ultimax, currently looking for a higher purpose, rallied to this cry for help. He wasn’t even concerned that the Warlocks are supposed to be helping build Avalon. People were in trouble, dammit, and if Ultimax had to stand side-by-side with the Warlocks to “Assist the Weak” and “Patrol Trouble Areas,” then so be it! He and Calvin Gated to Avalon, and they entered the City of Destiny.

Immediatly Ultimax was attacked. By a Warlock. Calvin verbally defended Ultimax, but unsuccessfully. Ultimax really couldn’t hold it against them—he was, after all, known as an Evil Lord. Ultimax was killed, and Warlocks swarmed on him like flies on a cow pie. Calvin tried to save his stuff but the Warlocks seem to be better looters than Calvin the Loud.

After instant-ressing Ultimax
was allowed to wander into the chaos. All around were Warriors and Mages in Purple, not just Warlocks, but actually a mix of several guilds. This mob, this purple coalition, then broke into an Avalonian Tower and killed the inhabitants. Ultimax tried to ask Calvin if they were here to help defend
the city with the Warlocks or from them, but Calvin was also back from the dead. It seems the purple mob we were here to assist killed Calvin, too, and took all his gear
lightning-quick. He was pretty mad. After some conversing and witnessing other casual deaths from infighting, both Ultimax
and Calvin were accepted into the
purple mob. It seemed that everyone was dead, so the mob began to disburse. But, not before another fight was picked with Ultimax, with several stragglers bombarding him with offense spells until dead.

Ultimax tells me he is going to apply to be a guard in Avalon, because that city needs someone like him to help keep the peace, strike or not. Someone who isn’t afraid to stand up for the innocent, speak his mind, or die for what he believes in. He invites you all to wander into Avalon if you get the chance.

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