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June 21, 1998

Since When Did the BS&R Become Real People?

Calvin, James Ensor, and Nicodemus trekked on out to PapaMan’s house is real life. This historic meeting of Britannia Search & Rescue Members in real life set a valuable precedent: brownies were served. This meeting is merely the first, as some of the Knights of Ni
will hoof it over to MasterOfPuppets’domicile for a hootnanny.

Clockwise from the top left are: Nicodemus, PapaMan, James Ensor, and Calvin. I have a larger version
that’s about a meg. If you want that version let me know and I’ll e-mail it to
you. (And I hope that none of them mind that I put this here, and I’ll take it out if
anyone has any concerns. :] )

Knights2-400.JPG (85375 bytes)

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