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June 30, 1998

BS&R T-Shirts Designed

Okee doke, I made up something for everyone to see. The t-shirt has its own official page, accessible via the “Structure” section, or just click here. The shirt will be orange, with white ink for the art.

Posted by Keith at 12:01 PM

BS&R T-Shirts Ahoy!

Who wants a Britannia Search & Rescue t-shirt? I finally talked with my t-shirt guy, and now have the information I need to get this done.

I figure that the shirts, depending on which color choices and mailing costs, should be about 8 bucks. How’s that? Don’t you love it when you get a great deal?

Time Frame
It should take about a day or two for me to finish and get him the new designs, about 4 days with him, and then whatever time to mail them out (3 days? 4?). Let’s say 8 – 10 days.

Now that I can make accurate choices for the colors I’ll be finalizing the design and t-shirt color. The front left breast will have a “Semper Cuius” logo. The back with have a newer version of the current BS&R logo, the current/older one can be found here. I’ll put up a picture of the design once I finalize it.

Ordering Yours
If you want a BS&R t-shirt, here’s what I need  you to e-mail to me:

When you place your order I’ll give you my address and you can send me a check or money order either before or after you get the t-shirt.

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June 22, 1998

We’ve Been Formally Invited to VIRTUE FEST ’98!

BoB’s a new and eager member of the Britannia Search & Rescue, and he’s based on the Lake Superior Shard. An ally of his is Eric the Red, of the Nox Ordo guild (http://ultima.noxordo.com). They are having Virtue Fest ’98 on July 5th, in Nujel’m on Lake Superior.

If you don’t already have a Lake Superior character, make up a newbie with the same name & look as your BS&R guy. I’m sure someone will buy a dye tub and start helping everyone turn into pupmkins.

Eric the Red said that is we need transportation to the Fest that we can show up in the Britain Artists’ Guild and be Gated by him and his buddies to Nujel’m.

Why go? Several purposes:

Date: July 5th
Time: 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET
Location: Nujel’m (or meet at Britain’s Artists’ Guild for Gate)
Shard: Lake Superior

Don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes! Let’s spread the Dance of Joy to Lake Superior! (I was near Minoc a couple of weeks ago and saw someone do my dance. How do I know it was the Dance of Joy? The dancer announced it as such! Makes a guildmaster proud. *snif!*)

P.S., I won’t be able to go. Why? My evil boss makes me work every Sunday. >:[  I still would like whoever can go to try and make it, and bring me some screenshots! Hm, I recall still having an old version of UO Screenshot Utility somewhere in the Links area...

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

June 21, 1998

Since When Did the BS&R Become Real People?

Calvin, James Ensor, and Nicodemus trekked on out to PapaMan’s house is real life. This historic meeting of Britannia Search & Rescue Members in real life set a valuable precedent: brownies were served. This meeting is merely the first, as some of the Knights of Ni
will hoof it over to MasterOfPuppets’domicile for a hootnanny.

Clockwise from the top left are: Nicodemus, PapaMan, James Ensor, and Calvin. I have a larger version
that’s about a meg. If you want that version let me know and I’ll e-mail it to
you. (And I hope that none of them mind that I put this here, and I’ll take it out if
anyone has any concerns. :] )

Knights2-400.JPG (85375 bytes)

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June 11, 1998

MessageZone.com changes their Server and Board Names

The new MessageZone.com board URL is this. I updated the Postings page, but if you bookmark that specific board then this is the new URL:

Posted by Keith at 12:01 PM

He walks to the window, stops. Looks outside...

Things have quieted down considerably, Nobody muses. The night out side it still, brightly lit by a full Summer moon. The sounds of the swamp try to comfort him with their low monotonous tones.

He looks down at the messages in his hand, taken from his desk moments before. Black Ops has blossomed, nay, exploded in size, and has gone on to join the Consortium of Justice. With them are the Justice Guard and other guilds with similar interests.

Ultimax had contacted him days before, about trying to protect a new city called Avalon, located far to the North. Calvin joined him, but 'twas carnage. Evil presented itself as Noble, and Allies fought Allies. In the end, no side was victorious, as all sides ended up fighting each other. Ultimax has decided to stay in Avalon, for a time. He writes that the guards of that City of Destiny are not about, and Ultimax is going to take it upon himself to keep the peace. A one-man army corps. Nobody smiles, amused at the BS&R trainer, and silently wishes him well.

Black Widow has been gone for a very long time, and he feels her absence. Nobody continuously questions his emotions, such as his curiously unbreakable friendship with her husband, Mr. Christian. He yearns for her to return; he wishes she would never leave.... Outside, a bird wanders about, alone, lost in the dark.

New laws are about to be handed down from Lord British's Court. There is much trepidation about this new code. Nobody is concerned for the BS&R in particular. Part of the new law states that no one may collect the gear off of the dead. This is meant to dismay looting, but it will make the job of the BS&R more difficult. Ah, well. We will do what we must, he decides.

His mind wanders, to thoughts of the woman who called herself Mrs. Nobody. The guildmaster has heard from PapaMan, guild elder, and that he has seen her. She resides in Occlo, and is ever melancholy, and always seen holding a candle. A candle for him, says PapaMan.

A Wisp travels past the window. So closly and silently that Nobody is startled. He stares after it, the glowing trail as hypnotic as the song-song language of the Wisp. It seems to say something that he can't quite make out. Something...forboding.

Nobody tries to surpress a shiver, but cannot. It is though someone has walked over his grave.

He turns and returns to his work.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

June 7, 1998

Ultimax Defends Avalon

Last night Archangel sent out a call for help. The player city of Avalon was under attack. Here’s the ICQ Message.

I just recieved a distress call from the guildmaster of digital party, he is involved in the avalon project- moments ago, a char named panda stole the keys to all the buildings in avalon. apparently the guild that is responsible is now at avalon looting. DP is hiding inside the avalon town hall right now and asks for help- the looters are blue so vortexing is mandatory. All who wish to help, icq me at once.

Ultimax, currently looking for a higher purpose, rallied to this cry for help. He wasn’t even concerned that the Warlocks are supposed to be helping build Avalon. People were in trouble, dammit, and if Ultimax had to stand side-by-side with the Warlocks to “Assist the Weak” and “Patrol Trouble Areas,” then so be it! He and Calvin Gated to Avalon, and they entered the City of Destiny.

Immediatly Ultimax was attacked. By a Warlock. Calvin verbally defended Ultimax, but unsuccessfully. Ultimax really couldn’t hold it against them—he was, after all, known as an Evil Lord. Ultimax was killed, and Warlocks swarmed on him like flies on a cow pie. Calvin tried to save his stuff but the Warlocks seem to be better looters than Calvin the Loud.

After instant-ressing Ultimax
was allowed to wander into the chaos. All around were Warriors and Mages in Purple, not just Warlocks, but actually a mix of several guilds. This mob, this purple coalition, then broke into an Avalonian Tower and killed the inhabitants. Ultimax tried to ask Calvin if they were here to help defend
the city with the Warlocks or from them, but Calvin was also back from the dead. It seems the purple mob we were here to assist killed Calvin, too, and took all his gear
lightning-quick. He was pretty mad. After some conversing and witnessing other casual deaths from infighting, both Ultimax
and Calvin were accepted into the
purple mob. It seemed that everyone was dead, so the mob began to disburse. But, not before another fight was picked with Ultimax, with several stragglers bombarding him with offense spells until dead.

Ultimax tells me he is going to apply to be a guard in Avalon, because that city needs someone like him to help keep the peace, strike or not. Someone who isn’t afraid to stand up for the innocent, speak his mind, or die for what he believes in. He invites you all to wander into Avalon if you get the chance.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

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