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May 26, 1998

The Guildstone Problem, and Some Updates

We recently had a problem with our guildstone. It incorrectly listed Truth as the Guildmaster, and only allowed access of the stone’s Guildmaster functions to him. This was an uncorrectable dilemma, since Truth had quit Ultima Online before this bug popped up. Mr. Christian and I called a GM, and GM
Treefrog eventually showed up. (GM Treefrog was the only GM who ever showed up to fix a stat problem I had. I shall consider him my favorite GM.) His idea to “fix” the bug about Truth having Guildmaster access was to delete the stone and give me a deed for a new one. I accepted this. One problem. It seems that, contrary to what I had read, only 3 initials may be entered for the guild abbreviation. This sucks—four was perfect. The new guildstone abbreviation for the BS&R will be “BSR.”

I put in some small Rules changes, such as some notes on who can be put on the Britannia Search & Rescue Guildstone (Any Member who has been with the BS&R for 1 Month and has remained in good standing, essentially). Click here to read about them.

There is a link to the Black Ops web site both on the Associates page (formerly Allies page), and the Links (Information) page. Click here for the Associates page and here for the Links
pages, respectively.

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