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May 27, 1998

Calvin Get a Well-deserved Commendation

Calvin receives a guild Commendation on 27 May 1998, due to his earnest and welcome assistance in dealing with the threat of war with the Warlocks guild, and his ingenuity in coming up with the Black Ops guild as an option for those who prefer Player versus Player combat.

There are certain people who go above and beyond the call of duty, and Calvin is certainly one of them. The Britannia Search & Rescue is not a strictly structured guild, and, to a certain extent, encourages members to find their own ways in life. Calvin’s way was to support the Britannia Search & Rescue in the middle of our most troubling time. Support, I believe, which was crucial to the survival of the BS&R.

Within the middle of a great deal of controversy, conflicting philosophies, and the threat of guild fragmentation it was Calvin who saved us. I believe this without question, and I wish I could do as much for him as he has done for us. If we ever build a city I will name the first avenue “Calvin’s Way,” and tell all the children of the great man who returned hope and life to us.

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