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May 16, 1998

Black Ops

Many of you have been keeping up on current events via the Britannia Search & Rescue Message Board, specifically Black Ops. Black Ops is a separate guild started by Calvin, which will basically follow BS&R ethics, but allow for Player versus Player (PvP) combat (specifically Guild Wars). Rather than go over the series of events and discussions that have led to some Guildmembers enjoying co-membership in the BS&R and Black Ops let me sum up some how the BS&R might interact through our association by “reposting” a message of mine.

FACT: I like Calvin’s idea. A very ingenious method of helping the BS&R stay true to the basic concept without chopping off half the active membership. FACT: You CAN be in BOTH BS&R and Black Ops. Sure, you can only have one guild title. I appreciate that no one wants to not have the BS&R title above their heads, but it’s OKAY to be in both guilds. There’s no need for such concern. LOOK AT IT THIS WAY: A BS&R Member has the Black Ops title over his head. He has spent the last few hours adventuring with other people who only belong to the BS&R (not also Black Ops or any other guild). He proudly wears the BS&R uniform. He and the BS&R group return from a hunt for a Feast. He continues to wear the BS&R uniform during this Feast. While in the middle of a Conga Line he gets “the call” from another Black Ops member. Quickly he switches to the Black Ops uniform, perhaps a combination of the BS&R uniform and something entirely different (Orange cape and True Black Cloak? I don't know if it’s been discussed yet). He bids goodbye to his BS&R brethren as they prepare to go to the Orc Valley on a “hunt.” He recalls to his Black Ops comrades to rejoin them in an ongoing war.

Anyone wishing to explore PvP combat with Black Ops may contact Calvin via ICQ (UIN 7472484) or check with Nobody (nobody@hurm.com) and I’ll have Calvin contact you.

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