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May 27, 1998

Calvin Get a Well-deserved Commendation

Calvin receives a guild Commendation on 27 May 1998, due to his earnest and welcome assistance in dealing with the threat of war with the Warlocks guild, and his ingenuity in coming up with the Black Ops guild as an option for those who prefer Player versus Player combat.

There are certain people who go above and beyond the call of duty, and Calvin is certainly one of them. The Britannia Search & Rescue is not a strictly structured guild, and, to a certain extent, encourages members to find their own ways in life. Calvin’s way was to support the Britannia Search & Rescue in the middle of our most troubling time. Support, I believe, which was crucial to the survival of the BS&R.

Within the middle of a great deal of controversy, conflicting philosophies, and the threat of guild fragmentation it was Calvin who saved us. I believe this without question, and I wish I could do as much for him as he has done for us. If we ever build a city I will name the first avenue “Calvin’s Way,” and tell all the children of the great man who returned hope and life to us.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

May 26, 1998

The Guildstone Problem, and Some Updates

We recently had a problem with our guildstone. It incorrectly listed Truth as the Guildmaster, and only allowed access of the stone’s Guildmaster functions to him. This was an uncorrectable dilemma, since Truth had quit Ultima Online before this bug popped up. Mr. Christian and I called a GM, and GM
Treefrog eventually showed up. (GM Treefrog was the only GM who ever showed up to fix a stat problem I had. I shall consider him my favorite GM.) His idea to “fix” the bug about Truth having Guildmaster access was to delete the stone and give me a deed for a new one. I accepted this. One problem. It seems that, contrary to what I had read, only 3 initials may be entered for the guild abbreviation. This sucks—four was perfect. The new guildstone abbreviation for the BS&R will be “BSR.”

I put in some small Rules changes, such as some notes on who can be put on the Britannia Search & Rescue Guildstone (Any Member who has been with the BS&R for 1 Month and has remained in good standing, essentially). Click here to read about them.

There is a link to the Black Ops web site both on the Associates page (formerly Allies page), and the Links (Information) page. Click here for the Associates page and here for the Links
pages, respectively.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

May 16, 1998

A Better Message Board?

You guys deserve the best. Quite some time ago I signed up for a Message Board with www.messagezone.com, but haven’t had the chance to explore all it’s options until now. This new board is important because, since we seem to be a wordy bunch, and—thanks to Gor’s observation—it’s getting a little hard to track some of the Messages. And so, a new Message Board.

Access the new board by going to www.messagezone.com and choose the Britannia Search & Rescue Message Board, or go to our Posting page as always.

I’ll leave both boards going, but I presume the Message Zone board will take over pretty quickly.

Posted by Keith at 12:01 PM

Black Ops

Many of you have been keeping up on current events via the Britannia Search & Rescue Message Board, specifically Black Ops. Black Ops is a separate guild started by Calvin, which will basically follow BS&R ethics, but allow for Player versus Player (PvP) combat (specifically Guild Wars). Rather than go over the series of events and discussions that have led to some Guildmembers enjoying co-membership in the BS&R and Black Ops let me sum up some how the BS&R might interact through our association by “reposting” a message of mine.

FACT: I like Calvin’s idea. A very ingenious method of helping the BS&R stay true to the basic concept without chopping off half the active membership. FACT: You CAN be in BOTH BS&R and Black Ops. Sure, you can only have one guild title. I appreciate that no one wants to not have the BS&R title above their heads, but it’s OKAY to be in both guilds. There’s no need for such concern. LOOK AT IT THIS WAY: A BS&R Member has the Black Ops title over his head. He has spent the last few hours adventuring with other people who only belong to the BS&R (not also Black Ops or any other guild). He proudly wears the BS&R uniform. He and the BS&R group return from a hunt for a Feast. He continues to wear the BS&R uniform during this Feast. While in the middle of a Conga Line he gets “the call” from another Black Ops member. Quickly he switches to the Black Ops uniform, perhaps a combination of the BS&R uniform and something entirely different (Orange cape and True Black Cloak? I don't know if it’s been discussed yet). He bids goodbye to his BS&R brethren as they prepare to go to the Orc Valley on a “hunt.” He recalls to his Black Ops comrades to rejoin them in an ongoing war.

Anyone wishing to explore PvP combat with Black Ops may contact Calvin via ICQ (UIN 7472484) or check with Nobody (nobody@hurm.com) and I’ll have Calvin contact you.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

May 2, 1998

Some General Updating

I put in a new snapshot given to me a while ago by Black Widow (sorry for taking so long to post it). Visit that page by clicking here or via the bottom of the Events page. When you go to the Events page you’ll see that I started setting up the separate Snapshots pages in reverse chronological order.

Posted by Keith at 12:01 PM

Lord Conrad

I set up a page detailing the events leading up to our encounters with Lord Conrad and his Justice Guards. This page includes some of the Britannia Search & Rescue Message Board observations, the Town Cryer news reports on the battle, and our observations after the caravan attack. Click here or see the entry on the bottom of the Events page.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

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