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April 13, 1998

The Black Widow & Mr. Christian Wedding Pages Updated

The wedding page has been updated with plenty of screenshots. So many so that I broke the wedding page into 4 wedding pages. The wedding pages can be found here, or via the Events subsection.

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April 10, 1998

The Black Widow & Mr. Christian Wedding is a Success!

The wedding for Black Widow and Mr. Christian, both of the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild, took place April 9th. Scheduling confusion delayed the ceremony until around 11:30 pm Eastern Time/8:30 pm Pacific Time. Two Counselors, Counselor Glamdring and Counselor Creo, stopped by the BS&R Operations Center-Trinsic to pay their respects prior to the ceremony. Counselor Creo was able to attend the wedding, as was the notable Lord Conrad.

Although many were instrumental to the success of the wedding I would like to give special thanks to Bremen, who gave important last minute assistance.

More on the wedding can be found here, or via the Events subsection.

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April 8, 1998

The Black Widow & Mr. Christian Wedding is On!

The Britannia Search & Rescue Guild is pleased to announce the wedding of two of its most valued members: Black Widow and Mr. Christian. The date, time and place are now verified. April 9th , 10pm EST/7pm PST,on the Baja Shard’s BS&R Operations Center (North of Trinsic there is a swamp. On the swamp’s East edge there is a Cemetery. The BS&R OC is on the North side of the Cemetery). The ceremony will be delivered by Nobody, guildmaster of the BS&R. Last minute information will be found at www.hurm.com/guild.htm.

In a nutshell, I imagine it like this: at 10pm, all members and
onlookers will be sitting down or standing behind the designated candle “barrier.” The barrier stretches east-west, starting at the entrance of the Tent in front of the Smithy. I will be at the far end of the barrier, away from the Tent, perhaps behind a pulpit, in front of two empty thrones. Mr. Christian will be to one side of the thrones. I will ask everyone to calm down, the musician will begin playing, and Black Widow will emerge from the Tent with PapaMan, her father. They will walk down the aisle toward Mr. Christian and myself, stopping at the end as PapaMan steps to one side and the bride and groom sit in the two thrones. I will then begin the dialogue shared between Black Widow, Mr. Christian, and myself (SET THOSE
MACROS YOU TWO :] ). At the end there will be an exchange of rings, and then congratulations may be hoisted upon the newlyweds and the reception will begin.

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Calvin and Fiatofa Get Bio-pages

Calvin and Fiatofa join the ranks of those with their own own personal Bio-pages. Visit either clicking on their respective names on the Members’ Page, or just by clicking here for Calvin or here for Fiatofa.

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April 5, 1998

Ben Gets a Bio-page

Ben has wisely jumped onto that most coveted of Britannia Search & Rescue Guild bandwagons: he has given me the information I need to create his own personal Bio-page. Visit it by either clicking on his name on the Members’ Page, or just by clicking here.

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April 1, 1998

Knights of Ni Chapter Get Their Own Page

The Knights of Ni Chapter of the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild get their own page in the BS&R website. Access it via the “Ranking Officers” subsection of the People section, or click here, to see it. This special page, like the Members’ bio-pages, are an option available to all officially recognized BS&R Chapters.

Stay tuned on news about their own website, created by the Knights themselves, dedicated to the exploits of the Members of the Knights of Ni.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

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