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March 24, 1998

My Plan to Catch-up

There have been many things as of late that have kept me from performing some of my Guildmaster duties in a timely manner. In the near future I will be tending more toward administrative duties rather than the more directly member interactive duties. Some examples of what’s on my Britannia Search & Rescue Guild agenda (sort of in order of highest to lowest priority):

Mr. Christian, as Shard Leader of Baja, is authorized to assist me in swearing in new members, and will begin doing so shortly. This will help free me up to do some of the things listed on my agenda. Anyone else who can assist, please drop me a note. I’m sure most of you have or can get dozens of kilts, sashes, and capes. If you have a key to the BS&R OC-Trinsic on Baja you can leave items in the crate on the table in my office (the third room, walk through the patio into the third room/office).

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