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March 18, 1998

Message Board Up!

I am starting to slowly catch up with things. One new change to the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild website is our message board, which can be found here, or by the link on the top of the BS&R News Area. BS&R members may begin posting right away.

I have found a way around my limited understanding of HTML, thanks to the Sword of Tao website (at http://www.anet-dfw.com/~kurtz/tao/). Through them I have found a free message posting service, at www.yourbbs.com. Their Rules of Conduct for Posting can be found here, at http://www.yourbbs.com/policy.html. Please read the Rules of Conduct before posting any messages.

To go to the Official Message Board of the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild, please click here. Members should feel free to post about almost anything, both BS&R related or otherwise, but please do not post any Ultima Online bug or exploit information, as this will jeopardize my membership.

I will eventually have to decide how long these messages last, but for now they will be on the board “indefinitely.”

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