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March 31, 1998

Black Widow and Mr. Christian to Wed

Black Widow and Mr. Christian began making plans to wed some time ago, and those plans will come to fruition soon. Nobody, humble guildmaster of the BS&R, will deliver the ceremony. The ceremony will possible take place on April 1st, 1998. Stay tuned for more information.

Posted by Keith at 12:03 PM

Expedition from Early March

In the spirit of catching up I have made a page dedicated to the hunt to Hythloth from early March. You can get to it via the Events Page, or just click here. MasterOfPuppets did a great job as our intrepid reporter, even including some screenshots. Thanks MoP!

Posted by Keith at 12:02 PM

BS&R OC-Yew is No More

The BS&R OC-Yew (Baja) has degraded from lack of use. The Smithy fell into disuse after a break-in alerted members to potential hazards. The information here, on the Operations Centers page, has been left out of nostalgia more than practicality.

Posted by Keith at 12:01 PM

MasterOfPuppets Bio-page

MasterOfPuppets gave me what I needed to set up his personal bio-page. You can click on his name on the Member Page to see it, or just click here.

Don’t let MoP show you up! Send me the info and a screenshot (or two) for your own bio-page. Send your stuff to Nobody at nobody@hurm.com.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

March 24, 1998

My Plan to Catch-up

There have been many things as of late that have kept me from performing some of my Guildmaster duties in a timely manner. In the near future I will be tending more toward administrative duties rather than the more directly member interactive duties. Some examples of what’s on my Britannia Search & Rescue Guild agenda (sort of in order of highest to lowest priority):

Mr. Christian, as Shard Leader of Baja, is authorized to assist me in swearing in new members, and will begin doing so shortly. This will help free me up to do some of the things listed on my agenda. Anyone else who can assist, please drop me a note. I’m sure most of you have or can get dozens of kilts, sashes, and capes. If you have a key to the BS&R OC-Trinsic on Baja you can leave items in the crate on the table in my office (the third room, walk through the patio into the third room/office).

Posted by Keith at 12:01 PM

Train with Ultimax

I, Nobody, have created a character called Ultimax. He is a tool for the members of the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild, to be primarily used for advancing in skills that won’t go any higher without Player versus Player conflict (combat, picking pockets, attacking with spells, etc.). If I am online, especially if you know I am not playing Ultima Online, let me know. I’ll log in as Ultimax and you can force him to auto-defend himself and you can increase your skill without feeling threatened. Read more about him on his bio-page here.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

March 20, 1998

A Little Advertising Never Hurt...

I have added the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild to the Ultima Online Guild Webring, accessible from the public BS&R entry page, www.hurm.com/guild.htm.

Posted by Keith at 12:01 PM

Events Calendar Now Available

I have been inspired once again, this time by our own Mr. Christian. He is one of the many members who likes to organize guild Events, and so I would like to make his work easier. On the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild Events page I am now including a Calendar of Events. Take a look when you get the chance and tell me what you think. There are 3 Events listed so far, each sponsored by Mr. Christian.

Just one of the many things from your humble guildmaster :] to help a growing guild stay close and organized.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

March 18, 1998

Message Board Up!

I am starting to slowly catch up with things. One new change to the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild website is our message board, which can be found here, or by the link on the top of the BS&R News Area. BS&R members may begin posting right away.

I have found a way around my limited understanding of HTML, thanks to the Sword of Tao website (at http://www.anet-dfw.com/~kurtz/tao/). Through them I have found a free message posting service, at www.yourbbs.com. Their Rules of Conduct for Posting can be found here, at http://www.yourbbs.com/policy.html. Please read the Rules of Conduct before posting any messages.

To go to the Official Message Board of the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild, please click here. Members should feel free to post about almost anything, both BS&R related or otherwise, but please do not post any Ultima Online bug or exploit information, as this will jeopardize my membership.

I will eventually have to decide how long these messages last, but for now they will be on the board “indefinitely.”

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

March 11, 1998

BS&R Web Site Moved

Now that the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild web site has moved to it’s new host I will be catching up on things. Some changes and new things to look for are as follows:

  1. I am proud to announce Mr. Christian as the new Shard Leader of Baja. (For more information on what a Shard Leader is, see the newly updated Ranks page.)
  2. I am further proud to announce Black Widow as the new Deputy Shard Leader of Baja. (For more information on what a Shard Leader is, see the newly updated Ranks page.)
  3. There have been some news events that have occurred that I have not yet posted, but will, including the related Snapshots.
  4. I will be sending out e-mails awarding Commendations to those who you who have been with the BS&R for longer than 3 months.
  5. The Ranks have changed, as I have been saying they will (just look at items 2 and 3!).
  6. The web site layout has changed slightly, as you have probably already noticed.
  7. I will be updated the Public Area of the BS&R site as well, including some slight changes to the Enlistment Form.

Some people have been trying to volunteer using the Enlistment form but it hasn’t worked, so I’ll to keep a special eye on that. These people have sent standard e-mail messages instead, which is just as good for me.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

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