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February 20, 1998

We Have Bought a Guildstone

Black Widow has donated a Guildstone to the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild. Our Guildstone is located in the BS&R OC-Trinsic, within the area protected by the counter.

The Guildstone allows for, among other things, the guild to be officially recognized (whatever that means), guildmembers get put in a roster, an abbreviation may be added to members names, members may sponsor candidates (subject to guildmaster approval). Guildmasters set the name, a brief charter text blurb, declare war (Notoriety free, providing the opposing guild accepts the declaration of war), dismiss members, Grant Title to member, and more.

Guildstones are now available from Provisioners in Ultima Online. The Guildstone costs 15,000 gold. It comes as a deed, and double clicking the deed in your pack immediately plants the Guildstone right where you stand.

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