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February 14, 1998

New Ranks and Other Updates Coming Soon

In a few days I will be doing some updates to the basic structure of the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild, starting with adding a couple of Ranks and adjusting the remaining Ranks. These adjustments will include a brief list of some of the responsibilities assigned to each Rank. Nothing too complicated or unrelated—for instance, I will be asking Chapter Leaders to be prepared to take screenshots at any BS&R Event or Expedition. In this way Ranks are not arbitrarily awarded; all Ranks will come with appropriate guild management responsibilities. Here’s a quick peek at the new list of BS&R Ranks (still, however, subject to change before the official posting):

  1. Guildmaster
  2. Deputy Guildmaster
  3. Shard Leader
  4. Deputy Shard Leader
  5. Chapter Leader
  6. Member
  7. Probationary Member
  8. Volunteer

Later on, I will be tweaking the layout of the BS&R web pages and probably adding a few pages as well, such as the “Tips, Tricks, & Tactics” page. Let me know what you think via nobody@hurm.com both before and after these changes. I am making these updates due to a massive amount of input from guildmembers as of late—and, by the way, thanks to all of you for helping me get this guild to grow..

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