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February 7, 1998

3 Subjects

3 Subjects: 1st is a Commendation for Mr. Christian, 2nd is Master of Puppets’ Expedition, 3rd is Mr. C.’s suggestions on group tactics.

Last night I had a major log-in problem. I was entering the second level of Deceit with Bremen, a guildbrother of a new Ally, Calvin. My client crashed and and I couldn’t log on past the “Welcome to Ultima Online” black screen. I tried again hours later, but to no avail. (I could log in, however, with ANY other character on any Shard.) Mr. C. agreed to jump over to Deceit to let me know what was happening to me “in the world” and he confirmed that I came in as a ghost. He stuck by my constantly-losing-connection ghost with PKs passing him frequently. He receives a Commendation for his assistance and suggestions in this superglitch investigation, at considerable threat to himself and no reward other than peace of mind for me.

Master of Puppets sent me this over ICQ: “Hail BS&R and friends. Yet another mail on the hunt. We’ve decided on Sunday at 3:30 PM Pacific time (6:30 est) for our group hunt. Today’s hunt (Wednesday) was a great success. We took on elementals of all kinds and even made a few new friends. Anyone who is interested in the hunt either ICQ me [5764673] or meet us at the First Bank of Britain on Sunday. Hope to see you all there.”

Master of Puppets Expedition
Date: February 8th
Time: 3:30 PST / 6:30 EST.
Location: The First Bank of Britain
Shard: Baja

Mr. Christian sent me these tips over ICQ: “I take full blame for the deaths of our members at the hands of a poison elemental , since I took on the position of healer, but I believe we could have completely survived that incident if we had been in a formation with standardized procedures and words (commands). I believe we also need retreat plans and recall plans .Also a plan to divide up (divvy) magic items and collection pattern, and a dress code.”

Mr. C. added this in a later ICQ message: “I have an item collection pattern based on the rotating division we discussed earlier it would consist of 1 collecting item of a certain type and lining then in a bag in the order found I am sure we could make it easier based on you idea.”

Position 1: Warrior/Mage as point man,
Position 2: Warrior /Mage as side kick,
Position 3: Archer/Mage as Archer,
Position 4: Healer/Mage as healer.

“To me this is the optimum pattern as far as the healer is concerned, that is why I have been sitting back and healing to see how hard it is to heal a group, I do not claim to be good just concerned with the health of my squad. This pattern can be extend to 7 members but I don’t recommend it [For larger squads use the] following patterns.

“Of course every multiple of 4 just adds a new squad. 1st squad name: Bravo. 2nd squad name: Sierra. 3rd squad Romeo.”

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