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January 14, 1998

Another BS&R Operations Center

The BS&R has a second Operations Center on Baja. This Large Smithy is located to the west of the swamps north of Trinsic, just north of the cemetery. Construction of the new Smithy was handled by Milton, O’lorae, and Nobody. Milton, especially, contributed expertly toward the choice of location. This new Smithy will be referred to as the BS&R OC-Trinsic, and the original, one-room, Smithy shall be referred to as the BS&R OC-Yew. A Vendor is soon to be placed in the front room of this 3-room/1-patio smithy.

Keys and Marked Runestones will be forthcoming to all House Fund donators. Donators thus far to the House Fund are: Black Widow, Blitz, Big Bub, Master of Puppets, Milton, Mr. Christian, Nobody, O’lorae, and PapaMan. As always, donations continue to be accepted, as will suggestions for the location of the next Operations Center. (Perhaps on the island of Ocllo, in town near the Mage Shop?)

A description of and directions to this new Smithy can be found by clicking here. A special moment is also shared on the snapshots page.

Posted by Keith at January 14, 1998 12:00 PM

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