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December 21, 1997

Mojo is Dead

Many of you are familiar with Mojo, the spirited horse of Nobody. He yearned to run free. He bore Xavian on his back even before Xavian was a guild member. He never left my corpse unattended.

Mojo was murdered early this morning. I (Nobody) was talking with Black Widow at an inn in Buccaneer’s Den on Baja for several minutes. Two PKers appeared fractions of a second after she logged out and immediately began to fight me. One was armed with a sword and the other with fireballs—both were armed with childish jibes. I succumbed quickly to their attacks, but, not having replaced all my gear after another recent PK attack, I was not dramatically upset. I died and passed into that state of existence wherein one may seek out a healer for resurrection and began to leave the scene. I glanced back and was horrified. Mojo was screaming as he reared up and defended himself. They slaughtered him, and I can only believe this was so I would have nothing upon returning. Mojo went down fighting defending the only three items I was able to recover. The only items that he felt meant anything to me: my sash, kilt, and cape. The symbols of the BS&R.

I shall be mourning my loss of Mojo privately, but appreciate your prayers for him. I was alone once, and I am alone again. I will not be replacing him with another horse, for how can you replace such a loyal friend? Mojo gave his only life in the true spirit of the BS&R, defending my corpse and my gear, and I shall never forget him for that.

Mojo guard. Mojo good. Mojo release.

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