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December 18, 1997

Invitation from Tanis

Tanis has invited us to a feast being held by his guild. Tanis is the Quartermaster of the Dungeon Masters Guard (DMG), a division of the New Outriders (NOR). Their feast will be at 9:00pm EST Friday night on Ocllo (I assume on the Baja Shard). In Tanis’s own words:

“Seasons Greetings to all. I’d like to officially invite all my friends to a party at Balf’s house on Friday night at 9:00pm EST. I’m inviting everyone I know including the BS&R guild to join me to celebrate the season. Should be lots of fun and a chance for everyone to get to meet new friends. This message brought to you by the good folks at Balf’s Pet shop where our motto is “I never met a bear I couldn’t tame.” RSVP please to me. :)

“Let me know when you arrive or if you need directions or help getting here. I and many of my friends have boats. I could meet you at the docks in Magincia...”

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