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December 18, 1997

Holiday Feast a Success

The Britannia Search & Rescue Guild Holiday Feast was held at its Operations Center (Baja Shard) on December 14th, 1997. The members who participated were, in no particular order, Big Bub, Blitz, PapaMan, Black Widow, Milton, Master of Puppets, O’lorae, and Nobody. Tanis, a representative from an allied guild, also joined our festivities. Tanis is the Quartermaster of the Dungeon Masters Guard (DMG), a division of the New Outriders (NOR), attended as a preliminary event to forming an anti-PK alliance with the BS&R. Passer-by Mr. Christian was so embraced by the BS&R family that most everyone cried out to have him sworn-in right away.

Read all about the Feast, and see the screenshots, here.

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