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December 6, 1997

BS&R Operations Center

Construction of the Britannia Search & Rescue Operations Center has begun. The initial building, a small smith shop, has been placed in the center of the open field south of Yew, west of the Eastern Mountain Range, North of the Orc Fort. Donations are still being accepted, as another, larger, building is under consideration. And, I'll say it again, any member who donates gets a key and a runestone Marked with a nearby location.

I would like to thank Black Widow, PapaMan, Master of Puppets, and Big Bub for their donations. I would also like to dedicate the construction of this first building of the BS&R OC to Black Widow, for her donations (the highest thus far), her setting up the runestones (that we can Recall to the BS&R OC), and her recent support of the BS&R in general.

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