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November 27, 1997

We’re Thinking of Buying a House

The BS&R needs a Britannia Search & Rescue Operations Center. To this end, research is being done as to what sort of building, or buildings (a BS&R Operations Complex), will be required, and where it should be placed. While all members are requested to donate toward the building(s), this gold is not required. All donating members, however, will get a copy of the key (just please don’t die near the Operations Center :}). We might want to set up an expedition much like Tempest Avenger’s, but wherein all proceeds go toward the purchase of the house.

Which building(s)
I’ve done some research, especially via Gram’s better Homes and Castles, and have come up with the following starter concepts: there’s a really nice Large Blacksmith Shop (one level, with a counter separating the shop, and a patio with a forge) for around 45 – 55,000 gold. This price can’t be confirmed, because the building is pretty rare, but it’s still got a place on my wish list. A Two-story House would run about the same. Alternately, and more practically, we should purchase two shops to start: a Smith Shop (11,138 gold) and a Training Hut (11,138 gold).

Where to locate it
This may be harder to decide. Most of the BS&R members play on the Baja Shard, so I plan on putting it on Baja. Much of the BS&R activities begin and end in Trinsic, but not exclusively so; Yew also plays an important part in our adventures. And yet, with marked ruins and the Recall spell, we could just about place it anywhere. I’d like it to be located in a publicly accessible location, yet far enough from Killers to feel safe meeting there. (Perhaps the only true objection I would have is placing it in Britain, where I suffer the worst lag.)

What to do with it
I’d like to have a holiday feast, actually. If no one has any objections, we could schedule the feast for December 14th (conveniently in the middle of December, before the real world holidays begin). I have other ideas, but I’d like some input from the rest of the BS&R.

Contact Nobody at nobody@hurm.com for any ideas or input about our plans for a house.

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